Firebrand Paul Nehlen Is Back On Twitter After Timeout

He’s back, back in the shitlord groove.

Nehlen 2018



In 20 years when those on the left want to lower the age of consent to 13 or 14, those on the right will be hob-knobbing with the transexuals. Maybe Bruce/Caitlin Jenner will even be leading the Republican charge against lowering the age of consent at that point.

^^ That will be all @jack’s fault

We live in a Constitutional Representative Republic, many things that change should not. We become more and more culturally Marxist, more atomized as a culture, and more diffuse in general through various mechanisms. One great big mechanism is shitty people with power like @jack.

Paul Nehlen though is MAGA, unafraid of broaching political taboos and is unabashedly America First unlike the compromising Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan, and their respective crews. WTF does @Jack want first?

Nehlen is for fair immigration and maybe most important to this audience right now, completely against censorship of taboo issues on platforms the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and @jack repeatedly show a double standard.

Paul  Nehlen has shown wherewithal against bombardment after bombardment on all fronts. A Breitbart tough guy who used to through balls around for a living backed down on his own challenge to Nehlen. If and when Nehlen does get into power, he is also a self-made man meaning he cannot be bought easily.

Even with money, @jack seemingly can be.

@jack’s Twitter actually gave Nehlen a 7 day time out.

ARN would like to extend a warm welcome back to Mr. Nehlen.

Here is his first Tweet in return from exile:

 May God smile upon Mr. Nehlen and bless him too, in his work now and in the future for God, the country and against @jack.

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