Small Time Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins Will Disappear

Adjustment Bureau Map


I have struggled recently, on and off for the last week to find a small cryptocurrency to mine.

I was mining Bytecoin but, after the heights that Bitcoin reached “raised all ships,” the difficulty became tremendous. Bytecoin has fallen to less than half it’s high but the difficulty remains the same. Whereas I could mine ~25 in half a day, I now mine 5-10 in the same time. The rate isn’t much better on Minergate with my laptop GPU.

Who is going to want to mine this coin for $.0075?

Aeon Coin, seemingly a darling CPU coin can net me .0033 Aeon mining ~12 hours per day on Minergate. Aeon was supposed to be CPU mining only. That is not true. There are numerous pools and miners that can mine Aeon with GPUs. My estimated net was .03/day Aeon. At ~$4, I think my day is worth 12 cents. It’s possible I did it wrong but at 2k H/s, I think I would only earn a dollar a day.

People are doing that but why.

Dash is shit.

Digibyte, a sub Dash is worth a penny more but, I’m not gonna try to mine that. Honestly, almost all the “penny coins” on Minergate are destined for failure.

It looks like Minergate literally just added Boolberry though.

Finally, maybe they weren’t that serious of coins but Dogecoin looks dead from their site. And the obscure Anime Coin and Meme coin I guess pulled back before they died and have merged and are or have relaunched.

Beware friends.

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