Twitter Turns First Profit In 12 Year History

Report claims a plethora of problems remain.

Twitter Money


Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. Twitter was largely his creation. He looks like kind of a high-end hipster. For some reason, he also has a second job as head of payments at Square. One thing Square does is serve as a payment interface between credit cards and smartphones. Square seems like a handy little gadget for the people who would use it plenty such as maybe mechanics and those who run merch tables at concerts or shows.

Ironically or not, while Jack Dorsey never turned a profit at his own company, Twitter, he helps the average everyday man turn a profit at his or her small business.

Well, good has come on Jack and Twitter because earnings released today show he made his investors 12 cents per share they own. Twitter beat the big analyst’s consensus estimate for its revenues, taking in $732 million dollars compared to the $687 million the big analysts estimated. That’s $45 million more. Good news.

Twitter’s Net Income worked out to $91 Million.

Is It Time For Twitter To Party???

Tupac Gangsta Party

It Doesn’t Seem Like It Time To Party.

Some Black People say the CIA killed Biggie and Pac. Some people say Pac faked his death to go be a monk. No matter how much info you can find on those two theories online, they’re probably and most likely not true.

At the same time, some smarter people, White people say Twitter and Facebook are part of the U.S. Intelligence Services like the CIA. Sometimes you may hear all the connections are here or there and cited. Either way, the source of information for this article says Twitter has a lot of problems. (Probably more than these.)

  1. Jack Dorsey has two jobs, Twitter and Square.
  2. Twitter’s active user base is just a bit above 10% of what Facebook’s is; IG has a higher installed base.
  3. The user interface is thought of as advanced as compared to Facebook or IG.
  4. Twitter content is available on the web without an account.
  5. President Trump did not bring many new users.
  6. Trolls, “Russians” Fake News and Fake Accounts. ARN also noted the hooker problem.
  7. The Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Noto announced that he was leaving shortly after today’s earnings were reported.


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