The 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show

It’s all decadence until someone gets their face bit off.

Weird Dog

If we would have had our Press Passes in order, I could have attended tonight’s New York Pet Fashion Show. In between eating and the runway features, I think I would have been skulking on the periphery of the room by myself. If anyone asked me why though I could have flashed my Press Pass and told whoever I don’t mix business with pleasure. I could also explain I find the event near sickeningly decadent and that’s why I felt it okay to cover.

In The Middle Of Midtown Manhattan.

Hotel Pennsylvania 1


Great, Great Venue:

The 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show is being held at the Hotel Pennsylvania which occupies a prime piece of real estate. The Hotel Pennsylvania is right across the street from both Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

The show started at 6pm and cost anywhere from $50-75 dollars to spectate and $95 to enter your best dressed pet into the fashion shows. As their site says, there are actually four runway shows: 1.-International Carnivale & Hat Couture, 2.-Country Western Couture, 3.-Made In The USA, 4.-Best In Show.

Before the pets take to the runway and after the first show, there is an awards ceremony for the people who love and help animals that much more. 30 minutes is allotted for each section of the show. Assumedly, during the last hour and 15 minutes during the time of the awards ceremony, the people mingle. No food is served.

One can hope anyway. The Hotel Pennsylvania is no Plaza but I doubt the owners want 100+ dogs around a food fare.

It really is something to me that we have come this far. Not more than 10-15 years ago there was a movie appropriately called “Best In Show” that made fun of just regular dog shows.

They Play With Dogs And Then They Die.

Best In Show


Bringing The Whole Breed Down.

Dear readers, do you think any straight man will have entered his dog in this almost all-out display of decadence? I imagine it will be a lot of bull-dyke type women, older women, homosexuals and a type of woman that maybe was too good for ANTIFA but found her niche in this as an obnoxious yuppie… your guess is as good as mine.

I also want to draw your attention to(I could walk the line back tighter) the people with bumper stickers that say I love me Grand-Dog. This is a sign of the sickness we are looking to get rid of. Half the people with bumper stickers have something wrong with them but equating a dog to a grandchild is much too much.

Don’t be surprised if ol JohnLambo isn’t around for two weeks because he got clipped peeling said stickers off of someone’s car. Nobody is going to bail me out, I know that much.

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