#Boycott Peter Rabbit

Evil Rabbit


Organized boycotts can be a very effective form of protest. With a critical mass, they work better than just a rally type protest. Recall trannies in Target Bathrooms. The movement at least hurt Target’s bottom line. Nowadays, you can’t go a month without hearing about a new protest or a social justice movement in one or another form. Maybe they’ll lose their cache’.

Yesterday, I wrote about #SaggyBoobsMatter. Today I bring you #BoycottPeterRabbit.

It is true that most children’s and even family programming is relegated to “Family,” and “Kids” Channels and I guess “Saturday Morning Cartoons” if they still have those. Many forms of entertainment exclusively thought to be for the young have however been carried over into people’s older lives. Many forms have become politicized as with the case of comic books as of late.

Today, movies are constantly being rebooted, remade and continued in a slew of sequels. Those renewal and extension techniques can add cross-generational appeal to properties. Currently, the new cross-generational reboot for children is “Peter Rabbit.”


Peter Rabbit Pster


This “rabbit” looks a little off, maybe a little soft and vain. Maybe a little creepy. It is also questionable how many carrots rabbits really eat. Most seem more than happy to graze on grass. All that is to say that maybe people shouldn’t see this movie in the first place.

Regardless of this author’s distaste for this current iteration of Peter Rabbit, “the allergy community” is out for social justice revenge on “Peter Rabbit.”

You see, as the Fortune article entitled “Parents Say Peter Rabbit Is An Allergy Bully” states because Peter Rabbit uses an allergy as a weapon:

Parents and advocacy groups have taken exception to this portrayal, calling it “allergy bullying” and saying it mocks allergy sufferers. The CEO of Allergy UK told The Telegraph the scene is irresponsible as it doesn’t portray the life-threatening danger of allergies and anaphylactic shock. On Saturday, the U.S.-based Food Allergy Research & Education organization warned on its Facebook page that the scene “might be upsetting” for viewers who have allergies.

Calls to boycott the film soon took off on Twitter, with people using #BoycottPeterRabbit to air their disappointment.

People used to look at allergy sufferers as slightly dysgenic. That may be the case with some people. The thing is if I am not mistaken, allergies have become a lot more common. Late or later life allergies are another issue.

Needless to say, I call on you to forget about everything else Goyim. This is your and our cause now, and your children’s cause too. White Race Be Damned!!!


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