Social Justice For Saggy Boobs

No Justice No Peace

Everyday men berate women over their breasts. Sometimes it’s “Hey honey, are you with the itty bitty titty committee, because you could make President” and the like. One brave Black woman is speaking out about another form different breast related abuse.

A Black British broad with assumedly disgustingly sagging titties like a stuffed animal made of irregular tube socks is speaking out about what is probably only perceived abuse. She is 23 year old Chidera Eggerue.

Call it neurotic, call it narcissistic but Chidera Eggerue has been posting pictures of her self proclaimed saggy breasts on Instagram because Hollywood and models.

According to The Sun,

She said: “A lack of representation of saggy-looking boobs when I used to go bra shopping in M&S made me realize that something is wrong with the way the world views women’s bodies.”

She’s like Joan of Arc but instead of being French fighting some other Europeans or whoever, she’s an African interloper into Britain making a fuss and looking for special treatment because she’s different.

She is an Instagram Star having popularized the #saggyboobsmatter.

If saggy boobs mattered so much, several hundred generations of African women should have at least worn a shirt. That would have probably helped modern African women like Chidera Eggerue.

Maybe we can very politely convince Chidera Eggerue to go back to Africa and take care of all those Black boobs. As a short man among children is tall, in Africa, Chidera Eggerue’s rack probably won’t look so saggy.

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