White Powder Sent To Donald Trump Jr. In The Mail

Republican National Convention: Day Two


Every once in a while, someone decides to send someone they don’t like, someone usually hard to touch, White Powder. As it so happens, an envelope showed up at Donald Trump Jr.’s residence today in New York. Unfortunately, Jr.’s wife opened the envelope.

According to the NYPost,

Vanessa Trump opened the envelope ā€” postmarked from Boston ā€” at 10 a.m. at the East 54th Street home of her mother, Bonnie Haydon, in the posh Sutton Place neighborhood, the sources said.

She called 911 before she was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital as a precaution, along with her mother and a third person whose identity was not immediately known, according to sources.

A threatening letter was also in the envelope.

Luckily, as in most cases, the letter was a scare tactic.

Don Jr. issued a public statement about the incident via tweet:

He and his family are unharmed. The powder was cornstarch.

According to Wikipedia, if the powder were Anthrax, 20-80% people exposed do die from it.

Here is a little of what it can do:

It gets a lot worse:


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