Better Than Black Panther: The Drop

The Drop 2

Black Panther is fiction of a magnitude of at least two.

Why not take in James Gandolfini’s last movie, The Drop. Tom Hardy’s Star was still rising with this movie. It’s good, very good actually but has little immediate replay value. It is based on a short noir story called Animal Rescue. I guess some might consider the movie as noir too but, the dialogue is not grizzled and hyper-stylized. Google has it as Drama/Crime which sounds good to me.

The title is indicative of the main two drivers in the movie. The bar at which Gandolfini and Hardy own and work at respectively is a mob money repository around which half the plot revolves. The second drop is a pitbull pup Hardy finds in the trash in his travels.

Finding the pitbull opens a world aside from the bar to the loner Hardy plays. Over the course of the movie, much of the plot line gets teased out through new characters and history. Much of the movie is about character development and of course the rectifications of a few feuds.

While there is a lot of character development throughout the movie, all the seemingly disparate threads come together, everything is seemingly in the movie for a reason. The wrap up is fast tight and neat. Everyone’s positions and character are fully disclosed.

I’d say it’s definitely a stream though the DVD is cheap, ~$5.

It got an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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