On Psychological Warfare: Lies



First Draft.

For lack of a better term, the Alt Right is very good at memetic propaganda. I doubt the Alt Right has the cohesion right now to run more sophisticated operations. I wonder if it needs to and think that because of the incredulity the public has been trained to meet the Alt Right message with if the Alt Right should use deeper techniques. Many of the deeper techniques are highly dishonest, tyrannical, and destructive. More discrete coordinated and cunning tactics are probably the way to go for the Alt Right.

That was a warning and disclaimer to all men and women of decent movements of good faith. In the Good Book, it says something about the light burning way the darkness. As stated, that is a really rough remembrance, but true enough. “Workers of Truth or Light exposing Darkness” is another way to put it.

The meat and potatoes of the Nazi Movement is a taboo and obfuscated subject. So many who rail against tyranny always name the Hitler. The Hitler is misrepresented almost as many times. Alex Jones and plenty of others, like I think Michael Savage and Mark Levin to name a few have an old standby to use regarding Hitler. Alex Jones was big on it a number of years ago. The standby is a saying attributed to the Hitler and paraphrased, those who keep it in their tool box say something like the Hitler was the proponent of “the Big Lie Technique.” That is, the bigger the lie you tell the people, the more likely they are to believe it.

The issue is, those who attribute that philosophy to the Hitler do so to smear Hitler. It is true that Hitler wrote about the big lie and how it works but he did not write of it as his technique. He wrote it was the technique of his enemies, gave examples of its use, iirc. He also explained thoroughly, how it works. Making those who attribute the technique and by extension use to the Hitler make Hitler more palatable to those who find that out and in turn, themselves less palatable and less credible.

You know what was a modern big lie? Saddam Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Today, we are just about in that age where telling the truth is an act of revolution.

Don’t lie if you want change. Don’t lie if you want justice.

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