Will Alex Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?


You might say Alex Jones is the king of alternative media. He does have quite an empire and he did interview now President Trump. What kind of man is he though? During his legal proceedings with his now ex-wife, his council submitted Jones was not whacky but an entertainer. It’s kind of odd that the one man who’s fought so long and so hard against the elites or globalists or Illuminati or whatever is an entertainer. In fact, Alex’s “product” meant so much to a young man who seemed, based on the way he was described by his father to be at least paranoid, if not a paranoid schizophrenic, that that young man lost his life in pursuit of the truth.

Alex has been around a long time and has built himself a serious operation. He even raised over a million dollars in short order for some type of satellite operation that may or may not be operating. It would be good if the satellite was running because as many of you probably know, Alex may be losing his main YouTube account.

Jones made a big to do that he was going to lose his YouTube account. YouTube said they would not be getting rid of him, they did so vaguely. Here at Anime Right News, we value free speech. We value it for Alex. Jared Taylor, operator of assumedly a much smaller operation, American Renaissance has filed suit against Twitter for his right to speech.

The question is, what will Alex do if his main platform is taken away?

WWAJD (What Will Alex Jones Do?)

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