Review: Rumble In Cell Block 99 – No Spoilers

Rumble In Cell Block 99 Flag


Rumble In Cell Block 99 is a good old fashioned Crime/Pulp film. It stars Vince Vaughn as the hero/ant-hero. I’m not sure which to dub him. He doesn’t really do anything that wasn’t unnecessary to his survival. The problem is, the things he keeps doing to survive, to care for his family and to stay true to morality get him in deeper and deeper.

Getting stuck deep is where the pulp comes out. If the story were real, Vaughn’s character would be the baddest guy alive. As for Vaughn, Vaughn has bulked up. I guess he’s pretty tall too. It probably wasn’t easy for a guy his age and height to put on the bulk. I believe this is his second role now as a tough guy type. The first being his stint on the second season of True Detective. He was also in Hacksaw Ridge.

Unfortunately, True Detective Season 2 seemed pretty shitty at the outset and I never watched too many episodes. I didn’t hear good things either. While there have been plenty of crime stories, there haven’t been many that are pulpy, definitely not lately. Rumble In Cell Block 99 was gritty too.

As Rumble is part of the Pulp genre, expect a lot of fights, a lot of graphic violence and some novelties in how the characters all show off their rage.

I thought the pacing was a little slow. If however, you have the chance to watch it, you may as well go on ahead. If you are a fan of crime or pulp movies, definitely check it out. Someone who’s just a generic action fan may not be into the movie, it’s kind of low budget and has a kind of personality that not all fans of generic action may like.

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