New 2018 ‘Unabomber” Style Bomber In TX

If the police have a motive for these package bombings, they haven’t yet revealed them.


kacynski id


Most know who Ted Kaczynski, The Unabomber is/was. He went on a package bombing spree to fight a technological or technocratic future. He now resides in a prison. He has written and had a sort of compendium published. The series has a “nail bomb” on the cover. While Kaczynski “fought the future, the only motive for this new bomber has been speculated as racisms on my local news radio. They said his first two victims were Black.

The new bomber, lacking the ability to send his package bombs through the U.S. Postal Service and other like services because of Teddy K’s one man war seems to be delivering the packages himself. He wouldn’t have to do that in an “AnCap” world. That’s troubling.

The bomber put in the work he has to under a thieving government such as our own and all governments and struck again. The news radio here in my market says the newest bomb was upgraded to maybe include a tripwire.

Authorities are warning those in TX not to touch or go near packages that are unmarked or bearing strange markings.

No Difference:

anime Fascists

For any normies reading this, I hope you understand the rigorous the bomber is being put through living under a thieving State-Regulated regime.

Another air-tight argument for AnCap my ninjas!

This is the radio station that has been carrying the stories: Citations are a tool of the state, Gawd!!!

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