Jews Want To Culturally Genocide Luck in Canada

Anime Luck


The B’nai Brith is trying to force the hand of a Canadian Town.

Some people believe in carrying a rabbit’s foot or an old or significant coin for luck. Others see such an action as a superstition. However, throughout human history, some people have believed in courting luck through various means. Nowadays, some people even do it ironically or just out of sentiment.

Do you carry a something of sentiment or to court luck?

How would you feel if some Jews dressed in their cultural garb with their cultural hat and their culturally styled beards came to your house and told you what you great grandpappy left to you before you were even born was shit and agitated for you to destroy what your great grandpappy left you?

I’m Not Sure How I Would Do It So, I Would Consult This Book:

Physical Removal for Dummies


Fash The Nation used to advertise somebody’s service but I like to get in there and get my hands dirty.

These People Never Stop Though, It’s Like What They Do…

The B’nai Brith is trying to get a street renamed.

From the JTA:

In January, the Puslinch Township Council in Ontario voted 4-1 against changing the name of the privately owned road. Two months earlier, the neighborhood association voted to keep the name

Beings that the Township of Puslinch was to keep the name, the B’nai Brith is now alleging serious bias:

B’nai Brith launched an application for judicial review of the council vote on behalf of other local residents. The application alleges that the voting process by the Bayview Cottagers Association was “rife with bias.”

Back in the day, people used to know how to take care of these types of people. These types of agitators seem to want to remove all traces of those people, even Thomas Jefferson Statues.

The B’nai Birth Jews are Getting Their Beards All Sweaty and Oily Because This:



It’s just a street sign.

Bigots Period.

If these Jews weren’t so tribal, maybe they could appreciate other cultures instead of trying to destroy them.

Oh but Lambo! Holocaust!

Holocaust? Who did the Canadians Holocaust?

The Jew’s actions are to destroy those, who we can call, our friends we haven’t met yet’s culture. The Jews want a town renamed too. The town is also named Swastika.

The Swastika is found everywhere and it should be everywhere. It is one of the oldest symbols in the world. I guess the Jews want to destroy the world too…

Again, from the JTA “The street was named in the 1920s.” Why is a Jewish Daily sticking their noses in this? These people don’t seem to grasp no one likes a busybody.

What of the Town?

“A town in northern Ontario is named Swastika for a local goldmine that used the symbol for good luck.”

The B’nai Brith sounds really reasonable.


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