ALEX JONES Being SUED for Saying SANDY HOOK Was a Hoax

Parents of two of the boys killed in the incident are suing Jones for Defamation.

Jones He Has the Paperwork


It’s a Good Thing Alex Always Has the Documents…

Or does he?

Disclaimer: I know the Sandy Hook Incident and the whole Crisis Actor thing is a touchy subject. I don’t have time for all that shit. In my opinion, half of the people promulgating the “crisis actor” thing could be working for some type of intelligence service. (((Cass Sunstein))) wrote a White Paper on Conspiracy theories advocating “cognitive infiltration” meaning, injection of false narratives into conspiracy circles to make the scene an even bigger cluster fuck. I’m sorry if you don’t think it’s a cluster fuck. I was into conspiracy from about 2002 to the first Ron Paul Run. I’m somewhere Alt Right broadly speaking. Where I am, we have an objective, we get things done. Most know to stay away from cults of personality and rabbit holes you’re never going to find the rabbit in.

That said I will try not to make anymore judgements that might get one of you, my dear readers, ire up.


360flip HalfPipe


Alex Has Style Too.

It was something to see Jones interview Trump. If I were Trump, I don’t think I would have visited the “humble water filter merchant.” It’s a different world though. Jones’ operation is quite large.

Could it be that Trump going on Alex’s show is a big reason why Jones is catching all sorts of heat? IIRC, he settled a lawsuit with maybe Chobani Yogurt around the beginning of the year, was put in the hot seat by Megyn (sic) Kelley at some point and just recently had some problem too. Among other things.

The Sandy Hook Incident took place in December of 2012. Adam Lanza was the reported shooters name. Lanza had medical/mental issues and could have been a stand-in for a Holocaust movie where the U.S. liberates some camp. In at least one photo, it looked like if Lanza lost 10-20 pounds, he could play one of those survivors in the famous photos, the ones with typhus.

Who Did the Shooting?

AKAR Pistol



I may be on the periphery of the conspiracy world. I was a little closer at the time of the shooting. The first theory I heard was that Mossad, Israel’s Intelligence Agency did the shooting. Their motto is “wage war by deception” or the like. That didn’t seem too plausible.

Another popular thing I heard at the time was that there was no way Adam Lanza could have pulled off the accuracy. I doubt it’s that hard though firing with an autoloading long-gun with a buttstock in rooms that are probably not bigger than 25’x20.’ People have even gone so far to say that the staging was so thorough that the town itself was uninhabited for some time prior to the incident.

The Intelligence Services to stage such an operation? To take away more of our weapons rights.

I’m not for that.

The U.N. and All the One-Worlders are Though

UN Gun



It’s a different world. Even if the Powerful and Principalities are waging war on it’s own citizenry(I agree in some cases they are) people, I and maybe even you too reader need to take some or more responsibility for ourselves and those around us.

Neighbors Not Naggers or however you want to artistically alliterate that. 😉


alex Messiah 1


Information Age Messiah, He is Not.

According to The Wall Street Journal,

Parents of two 6-year-old boys killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 have sued the radio host Alex Jones for defamation, saying he repeatedly called the shooting fake and said they were liars.

Parents of two boys shot that day sued Mr. Jones in Travis County District Court in Texas on Monday, saying they were anguished by his bogus allegations that they were frauds and part of a conspiracy. The suits said at many points since the tragedy, Mr. Jones said the school shooting didn’t happen or was staged by the government using actors.

Mr. Jones didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Jones really has done a terrible job over the years with his accuracy. When he tells the audience how accurate he is, that is entirely inaccurate unless he’s talking about something other than geopolitical predictions.

I personally don’t know what to make of this. There are a lot of angles to consider that I for one, am not going to take the time to consider.

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