Apocalyptic Christian Youtube And General Scene is Bad for You Pt.1

Anime Cross


Image from Vash the Stampede, Created by: Yasuhiro Nightow

Many will come saying Christ is the Christ, many will come saying they are the Christ, there will be many seducing spirits, and as Paul said if they bring you another Christ, one we have noy told you, believe them not. There will also be many false prophets.

These days, there are noy just wicked and polluted men out there teaching their own doctrines for their doctrine’s ske like the gnostics. Individual governments and globalists and still those who are wicked preach wird things through the internet. They can never really be challenged in any meaningful way.

These teachers range from Evangelicals whose backers pay to buy TV time for them.

Examples #1,

Pat Robertson and the 700 Club: It’s basically a talk show with news nowadays. To me most of the news is decent and I have to say the man is the most okay one. He, however, is 100% for Israel which means he is 100% both Muslim and Christian Palestinians. You will never get any semblance of a fair or balanced story of the Middle East situation.

The oddest thing that the man does or used to do was heal people through the TV. Once those in that segment claimed a rerun healed someone. None of Robertson and the 700 Club’s “healings” of random people with random diseases through the TV can ever be verified. If somehow, some way they could be the show never does.

Robertson is also said to be a member of the Freemasons Here is an example of the Masonic Lion’s Paw and what looks like two examples of Robertson giving it.


lions paw


pat robertson

I’m going to do another contemporary Televangelist next time.

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