German Rap Duo Spark Semitic Outrage, You Need To Rage Too!

Who are the most persecuted people in the history of the world? The Jews say they are and they want you to believe they are and they will demand you think they are.



The Jewish people have been kicked out of over 109 different countries and principalities. They don’t want you to know that. If you do know that, they want you to think 109+ places just had an irrational hate for them or jealousy or that it’s a pathology to not like Jews.

America let the Jews in almost entirely unfettered. More recently, legendary German engineering burned up 10,000(or some farcical amount) Jews per day. That’s cooking with gas… I mean that’s gassing with bug spray?

Hol up.

Anyway, Jews never do anything wrong, they’re super oppressed yet super rich and super powerful.

Either way, things are happening again…

Memes Like This, However Inaccurate, are Circulating the Internet:



What’s Going On This Time You Ask?

The Germans, again!

Well, they’re not exactly German but what’s definitely worse is they’re culturally appropriating the only culture to come out of culturally worthless White America, the Negroes’ Hip Hop.

According to Variety, The White and Moroccan rappers(think Black Culture Rapers),

German rap duo Kollegah and Farid Bang, whose songs include lyrics that many consider anti-Semitic, are at the center of a rapidly widening uproar that has drawn in a wide array of commenters after the group won the country’s Echo Award last

Why are they Annie-Semitic? Well, the album,

“Jung, Brutal, Gutaussehend 3” (“Young, Brutal, Good-Looking”) includes lyrics in which the rappers say their muscles are “more defined than Auschwitz prisoners’” and “I’m doing another Holocaust, coming with a Molotov.”

That’s crazy. Variety says the darker of the duo is from Morrocco. Is there something in the German air, soil or water that makes people Annie-Semites? Is there some neutrino particle circulating around the Globe(or Flat Erf) that makes people Annie-Semitic?

If there’s one thing I know not to do is say it’s the fault of the Jew.

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