80 Years of Superman, The Title has Been A Scam For A Long Time

Action 1000


“Have you the $7.99,” asked the merchant.

“Sure do!” the said nitwit. “10 times that in fact!”

It was five long years ago this month that it was Superman’s 75th Anniversary. Apparently, DC sold a hardcover for that, Retail Price: 39.99. You can probably get one now if you wait a few months for half the price. You might be able to get it now for half the original price on Amazon right now.

Somebody Even Made this Commie Tier Superman Collage for 75 Years:

Superman 75


For all the Uberman fans out there, there are 10 covers to collect for 80 years. 8 correspond to the different “decades” of Superman. It would not be hard for an odd fanboy(read boomer) to drop $80 just on those for this momentous event. Believe you me, it is momentous.

There probably won’t be another anniversary until 90 years.

Though with the revolving door nature the comics industry has, they may need to roll out a downsized anniversary at 85.

Like most big name super heroes, Superman was created by a Jew. In fact, Superman, and Captain America were both created by Jews and originated around the same time. Captain America was created by Stan Lee.

Oddly enough, both fought the Nazis and both are Ubermensch, or above men in their own right. It is both odd and ironic that in 1938 two characters were created and loved for being “over man,” “supermen,” or “super soldiers” while everywhere else in American and assumedly Western Society, we are taught that the Nazi’s, the greatest enemies of mankind ever, saw themselves as something akin to “our” heroes.

I’ve never actually seen Nazis talk or write about a Master Race or an “over man” though. Rather, the term is easy to find if you look into Nietzsche. With that author it meant a little something different too. Something like transcending suffering to a higher state of being.


We need to break icons and corporations like Superman and DC Comics. Otherwise, these same people will rule us forever with a boot on our face.

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