Stan Lee… Pervert?

Stan Lee Beige


Some might think Stan Lee(Stanley Lieber) single handedly started the superhero era in comics that still carries on through today. A lot of the characters he created or co-created have been going strong for many decades. They are comics’ staples

“Stan the Man” always had a glowing and charismatic public persona to go along with his iconic voice. In fact, he is kind of a marketing gimmick for Marvel Comics and has been now for at least a decade.

Back during the #metoo events, there were rumors of Mr. Lieber being one of the sex offenders in the fiasco. Back then that he had a health scare. I wrote it up somewhere. Maybe that kept him out of trouble or maybe people are making false allegations about him.  It’s not like he really does have a Wolverine type to look after him.

Maybe he was never sick. Reports:

Comic book legend Stan Lee is being sued by a massage therapist who accuses the 95-year-old of acting in an inappropriate manner during a massage session.

In the suit filed Monday, Maria Carballo says she was summoned to Lee’s suite at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago last year to perform massage therapy on Lee.

According to the suit, about 30 minutes into the session, Carballo “noticed that Lee began to fondle himself as she performed the massage.”

Not pretty

Anyway, Stan Lee or Stanley Lieber is being sued:

Alleging assault, battery and other counts, the suit is seeking a judgment “in excess of $50,000, plus an award of punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs as permitted under the statute.”


He’s probably got enough money to play with his cox in front of a lot of broads in his final days.


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