The Jew and the Negro Screams Out in Pain as They Strike You

Today, the Holocaust is known as a German on Jewish thing. There are many many museums for “The Holocaust.” There are many movies and plenty of other productions and commemorations for “the Holocaust” too. The thing is, many non-Jews died in events surrounding interments during and after WWII. Even more people died in WWII. One could go as far to say, half of Europe was a Soviet Internment Camp after the war. Many died in just Poland under the Soviets/Communists even though WWII was initiated against Germany because of the land dispute between Poland and Germany. Clearly, the Jews curry extreme favor even today because of “The Holocaust.” They have even had their own state since 1948 and it has enjoyed almost unconditional U.S. support since 1948. The Polish and the rest of the formerly free Soviet Bloc Countries were not free from Communism until around the time the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. That’s 50 years of occupation for just the Polish.

Berlin Wall Graf

The Wall that Divided Germany

Germany, thought to be the menace of the Jews and the menace of the world, no one really cared much about the plight of divided Germany at first. Who really cared about two new generations of Germans or even the Eastern European States behind the lines of the Communists. The great Churchill and Roosevelt just gave tens of millions of relatively innocent people into slavery for generations. Patton was the only big name American that understood what a free and prosperous U.S. and Europe looked like.

Communism in fact was a Jewish Project from it’s inception with Marx and then the revolutionaries. It seems no matter how many Jews died, Holocaust or not, Jews whether Zionist, Communist or other came out on top while claiming to be the biggest victims.

The Blacks, the other perennial victim class are now starting to get some compensation culturally and even politically on White land. As with the Jew’s scheme outlined above, the Blacks are getting their at the expense of the other groups.

Black Panther was one of the cultural touchstones for the advancement of Colored People in America. In Black Panther, T’Challa didn’t want outsiders or refugees in his Kingdom. So it seems Disney/Marvel feel it’s okay for Blacks to have their own country. If they want one or, you think I am wrong, they or you should go move to Africa.

More recently in Alabama a lynching memorial was opened. There were plenty of Whites and whoever else lynched. Their were plenty of White Slaves too.

Both the Blacks and Jews know how to play the victim to become the aggressor. That is no surprise as the Jews taught the Blacks the game.

The facts of life are that Blacks are infinitely better off under “White Supremacy” than they ever will be on their own. Lynching was mob justice. It was not racism. As for the Jews, if they want their Israel, put them all their with all of their assets. Let them sink or swim. There has been no more wretched a race than the Jews.

If you have a problem with this article, move to Africa or Israel. Most of you people are not going to be welcome in any “White Supremacist Country” in a few years anyway.

Anyway, here is the “that nigger had it coming museum.”


Lynch Chain


lynch hands up 2


Lynch Large




Lynch Grounds

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