Cultural/Memewar Memes [Juxtaposition]

This post is going to be a little different. Below, I try to show some of the extremes of Western Culture, instead of posting funny political memes or just memes the make you go huh?

What of Feminist “Rape Culture?”


There’s This ^^^ and Much Worse…


50s Family.jpg

A Lot of Them FindThat ^^^ Oppressive…


Alternatively, We Have This:

Shooters Girl.jpg

And This:


She’s Beautiful, Fresh Faced and Hopefully a Troll but, She Does Make a Point.

At the Same Time, if the Fagola’s Did Start Crossing Over, Disease Would be Out of Control for Sometime, Fam.

Religion and Misunderstandings

We All Make Mistake When We’re Drunk but, Either Way, Trouble Could Come Your Way Interacting With the Niqabbed Women:

Drunk Sharia.jpg

Now, for Those Muslims Who are Very Strict Who Fight Jihad to Martyrdom, They Could be in For a Rude Surprise too:

Nuns Armed.jpg



White Ppl:

Can’t the two types of White Men, the Barbaric or Nerdy Do Anything Decent?


Big Bird White Privilege.jpg

Maybe the White Man is an Advanced but Brutal Machine Sent From the Future:

Terminator Pam gif 3.gif


Guns are Obviously Evil and Dipshit Liberal Boomers May Want to Fight You or Even Kill You for Them…

Firearms Number.jpg

We Also Must Recognize That,

Knife Crime.jpg

Guns Don’t Kill People, Knives and Guns Do.

That’s it for Me, You All Have Been Great!!!


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