It Looks Like the Obamas Will be Organizing American Communities on Netflix

Please Read this With the Family Feud Soundtrack Playing on Loop


Back sometime around 2003 or 2005 Netflix was a force. If you had the stock, you were in the money. If you had the monthly membership, you were in the movies for less than $10 a month. Then they came with their streaming service. Being a laggard or maybe even a curmudgeon about some things, I didn’t go for it. I liked the Blockbuster Experience and now that I don’t watch much, I am a fan of Redbox and the like.

Here in 2018, Netflix still seems to be the king. It’d be interesting to see who owns it and I may look into that to maybe even write about it. I think I would find it interesting since Netflix now seems to be The King Purveyor of Progressive and Culturally Marxist Programming.

To me, one of the first and definitely the height of original and adult programming was Breaking Bad. I watched the whole thing from the day it premiered. Once Breaking Bad was a few Seasons into it more and more adult dramas or “high-quality” original programs popped up. I’m not too familiar with what other programs there were and are but, I did watch most of House of Cards from Netflix.

As Netflix is basically a premium content provider, they can do nudity. They did but nudity was not enough. In their House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is a career politician and “high-end” degenerate criminal who becomes President. Murder, blackmail et al are how Spacey’s Character got ahead. Spacey’s character was also a cuckold, in an open marriage and a bi-sexual.

Spacey was “some” TV President until it he was alleged to be a real bi-sexual sex offender who never actually got charged with anything. He did admit some things after the story broke.

The fact of the matter is that the better parts of the show were the more devious things Spacey’s character engaged in but, definitely not the gay stuff. The show went overboard on that angle and became heavy on debauchery and a poorly done propaganda show with flat characters.

obama 44.jpg

Now, Netflix is hiring a real President who we all know can read from a teleprompter well to produce one or more projects. They signed a contract with former President Obama who is and was rumored to be Gay or Bi-Sexual and his wife who at the very least I have to say has a tiny evil eye.

I want to make it clear that I have seen the pictures of Michelle/Michael’s irregular parts and have seen that Jewish Comedian woman who is now dead say Michelle is a tranny… Joan Rivers?

It would make sense for Netflix to up the ante with both a bisexual and transsexual former Presidential couple. That definitely fits with progressivism.

And it breaks the fourth wall!!!

It will be interesting to see what the Obamas can do. Bill Nye is taking care of degenerate sex junk and telling people to eat bugs. I am a little doubtful if the Obamas can pull it off as we were never able to Barry’s College and or Graduate Work and reading from a teleprompter is not really a TV skill.

What I am sure of is that whoever does the writing and conceptual work for the Obama’s on the Netflix, they will make it more progressive and that Obama can organize the community that works for him to be even more progressive.

My personal prediction is that the Obama’s will agitate the race problem and exasperate it but the key to his success in doing that is demographics of Netflix users. To me, it seems like a lot are probably dumb bourgeois and yuppie Whites.

Time will tell how much the Obamas can bring together communities of the above-mentioned Whites and analogous Blacks.

I believe part of Netflix having Obama organize production is that it is hoping to bring in more Blacks for their Progressive and Culturally Marxist operation with this move.

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