Over 100 People Overdose on K2, The Synthetic Marijuana


K2 is a synthetic marijuana alternative that turns people into zombies. As for drugs that turn people into zombies, I believe K2 is the tamest one. It comes in little aluminum like packages and before people realized it was so bad, was sold in little neighborhood shops.

In terms of drugs that turn you into a zombie, bath salts are the premier substance but I do believe there is another obscure and ghetto one.

Let’s take a look at a video that was uploaded a year ago from the same area:

Some of them do really exhibit zombie tendencies. If however, you want the potential for blood, gore, and violence, you are going to want bath salts. They’ll give you superhuman strength too.

Now, you may be asking, Froyo if smoking marijuana was decriminalized in most if not all of NYC, why do people smoke K2. The answer to that is simple but, there are a few. Some people can’t afford marijuana. Others are on parole and do not want to get in trouble for smoking marijuana. Others still may like feeling possessed.

Here is what’s been going on according to nbcnewyork:

One hundred people have overdosed on K2 — also known as synthetic marijuana — as a tainted batch of the chemical-laced potpourri continues to course through Brooklyn, the NYPD announced on Thursday.

Police have also arrested 36 people in connection with the overdose outbreak which began last week and continued through Thursday. Police and firefighters raced to East New York and Ralph avenues after learning four people passed out on a Brooklyn bench.

The drug is also called Flakka like rapper Wakka Flakka Flame.

There is only so much emergency crews can do in response to the Flakka. This is yet another reason why marijuana needs not just be decriminalized but legalized and even subsidized. Once it is regulated, taxed and mass-produced under standard conditions, we will only have to deal with bath salt zombies. They themselves are more than a handful as they have been known to eat people.

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