Origins of a Slur #1: The K!ke

Origin Story.png

I am resolved not to engage in overt slurs on this platform whether it be against Jews, Blacks, Chinese, etc.

Let me explain the origins of the slur k!ke though.

The word f-ck according to my once high school History Teacher started as an acronym. It is something regarding man, “F.” fornicating… with a prostitute.

There is a baseball player who makes the headlines called Dallas Keuchel (ky-kle).

The slur k!ke comes from the term k!kel.

When immigrants passed through the immigration checkpoints a century or so ago, there was a circle to fill in for Christian. There was no circle for Jew or Judaism. As it happened, the Jews took to placing an “x” in the Christian circle. The immigration officials took to calling the Jewish “x” in the Christian circle a k!kel. From the k!kel mark, the term k!ke was born and endures still today, for better or worse. Most only know it as a simple slur these days though like most other slurs.


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