Why Tommy Robinson’s Situation and Lauren Southern are Annoying and Gay

Tommy Robinson Wha.jpg

Tommy Robinson, ya, ya, ya.

Tommy Robison sux and is a shill! Alternatively, Tommy Robinson is a Bulldog, Patriot, Protector of the People and a role model!

Now, Tommy Robinson is in jail and to hear it from Lauren Southern, it is a grave unjust offense infliicted by the state. It is so grave in fact, she is going to sound-off hollow and angry like it’s “A Very Special and Gay Episode of Friends.” To hear about it from Lauren Southern is to hear annoying drama and annoying drama intoned in her disquietingly affected voice.

Southern clearly does not know what she is talking about and that fact, that she has iterated again and again herself, is reflected in her tone. Her videos and tweets are hard to stomach. The woman’s now obvious bourgeois sensibilities and their effects on her personality clearly shine through in her uninformed chattering about Robinson.


Southern stated and I quote, Britain has a “crazy authoritarian government.” A government that “won’t let her in.” Firstly, it is odd a Canadian Civic Nationalist is so concerned with the politics of the United States and Britain. I think if she cared about something concrete, say if she was a White Nationalist, maybe she would have the prerogative to be getting involved and intertwined in the politics of governments other than the one of her native Canada. There are probably grooming gangs and plenty of other gangs she can report on in Canada.

Since when did Civ-Nats become globalists? They believe in ephemeral ideas.

Secondly, the woman does not use her noggin because how is she going to do anything as a journalist or a thought leader. She is obviously not thinking because as she stated, there is a moratorium or prohibition on reporting on the case. Is going to jail part of her plan?

The Tommy Robinson situation is a great injustice? Probably. As a matter of fact? Yes, in the broader picture.

Here are some more facts though, Tommy Robinson fights Muslims. Where is he on Somalis that add no value to the nation of Britain and all the rest? Where was he on Gaddafi? Where is he on Syria and Foreign Aid? He is too, a Zionist, no? How does Zionism help his Nation’s plight Civically or otherwise?

What did Tommy Robinson sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, “threatening the peace” which as a potentiality, he was doing accomplish?

Based on United States Law, if you have some type of deferred sentence like a plea and you get picked up on something, you’re probably going to serve your deferred sentence and probably more.

The way it would be looked at is that the potential lawbreaker named Tommy D. in this hypothetical case, got a break. Tommy D. then goes on to flout the court’s leniency with expectation of no repercussion. Not going to happen. Especially not for someone who is a thorn in the side of the self-evidently Rogue State of the once Great Britain.
It was reported that Tommy Robinson got his upgrade to the room in whatever prison, too quickly. In about an hour. However, if they had Mr. Robinson at the Courthouse, it was probably no more than a procedural matter.

Where did the extra ten months come from tacked onto Mr. Robinson’s sentence? Were there not reports Mr. Robinson got hit with contempt of court?

bane no survivors.png

If this is not part of a bigger plan, Tommy Robinson is to be seen in the wreckage, brothers. The problem is he’s in the wrong plane.

That would mean Bane didn’t order Tommy to get caught – it wasn’t part of the plan – that the fire will not be rising for or because of Tommy Robinson.

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