100% Controversal Madman Running as a Republican Against Lunatic Bum Liberal Dianne Feinsteinn



Diane Feinstein is a career politician. She is one of the two U.S. Senators from California, very high profile. To keep things simple, her challenger, the madman, is running on the Republican Ticket for Senator and describes himself as “Counter-Semitic.”

The challenger’s name is Patrick Little. This author had seen rumblings of his campaigning on Twitter and the like. As the election is this Tuesday the fifth, Little has been going hard. I took some time to check him out last night. He is intense and has a reasoned hatred for Israel.

Little is running against the perennial incumbent Feinstein largely because Feinstein is a dual U.S. and Israeli Citizen. There are a number of so-called White Supremacists running for office this year. Not to digress but it is hard to tell what a White Supremacist is as at this point in history, a White Culture is looked at more and more as White Supremacist and more and more colleges and other politically motivated groups are calling for the “abolishment of Whiteness.” Whatever that means…

A main reason for writing this article was and is to see what people think about Little’s RoboCall to voters:


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