To Win the War, We Need to Reset Our Political Paradigm

We are outsiders as we are radicals, no?

Is it safe to say everyone fits into these categories excepting for the Stalinist Pepe category?

Pepe Political Chart.png

Not long ago in a source I cannot recall a radically different paradigm was presented instead of a political spectrum pigeon-holing everyone into different camps, politics was looked at in terms of what basically amounts to power blocks. In this new paradigm, you use circles. For example, you could use the corrupt U.S. government as one circle – one power block. U.S. Corporate power would be another, the media, another and power players i.e. The Illuminati, The Jesuits, the Jews, Soros or whoever your bogeyman is are in actuality configured in a conglomerate set of concentric circles with the corrupt U.S. Government etc.

The point is, TPTB has a power structure as such noted above. They may all be, in reality, one in the same circle. To a large extent, they probably are. We, the Information Warriors, the Kekistanis, the Identitarians, National Socialists et. al., are all small circles. Our circles overlap though and therefore, we should therefore always remember our synergies and always when possible present a united front to our enemy, the other and very powerful circles mentioned in the last paragraph. Otherwise, we are only in a more fractured game of the old Left vs Right game if we do not come together.

I’d love to give Larkin Rose a slap in his mudda-fucking fat ginger mouth. That can wait. A lot of Kekistanis are retards and I probably made one cry on Gab this weekend but, he didn’t follow the N.A.P., quite the opposite.

I am largely Annie-Semitic but I do enjoy talking to @Caladium and I have no problems with that Black Venezuelan in Information War even though I believe in Racialisms and White Identity. A lot of people in my circles are the same.

As I said, we have to make sure our circles work together and grow stronger together while weakening TPTB. We are in this struggle together. It is us vs. them. None of our circles will do it alone.

American Flag Upside Down BW.gif

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