memewar/politics memes, what will this week bring?

Last week was a little boring, no? As they say, there is no rest for the weary. Something is going to happen this week. Probably something similar to the situations below.

Before we get into this, your people, your family and your friends are the most precious people in our lives. Sort of like of like what at least one great man said.


Who will be called a racist? Will you?

Everybodys Racist.jpg

Is Starbucks reaching the tipping point? How long until it does?

Future of Starbucks.jpeg

What are dem Gangstas getting up too in the days ahead???


Maxine could show up, no?

Maxine Waters 1.jpg

Where is Mike Pence?

Pence X men.jpeg

How will your Social Media Accounts fair?


What new policies will the government come up with?

Volley Ball.jpeg

Remember, keep cool and don’t pick any fights you are destined to lose


Over and Oot

Mobile Red Pill Launcher.jpg

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