What Black Identity Leaders were good for their countries or communities? Some people say Marcus Garvey was good. Others like Malcolm X. Today in America, we have a few mainstays like Rev. Al(Al Sharpton) and up and coming Sean King… He may or may not be Black. Both men sure do like to rabble rouse and agitate by any means necessary though. By any means necessary, I mean through lies and trickery. They’re both some type of religious figure so we know Jesus Loves them both anyway…

In a sense, like Jesus, Sean King’s real father wasn’t around. Sean King is not the Son of God but he may be 100% White:

Personally, I think he’s White.

Now, one of their polar opposites is the Pastor, James Manning. Overall, he is a positive force. All three of these men have some strange ideas. That is really only a problem for Pastor Manning. The other guys, the popular guys, they use their pulpit more often than not to whip up unrighteous indignation. Pastor Manning, so long as he’s not being made fun of on the Daily Show for talking about Starbucks putting semen in coffee or something of the like, whips up righteous introspective indignation.

I don’t like the likes of Sharpton but his type gets good coverage and funding and the righteous guy with some weird ideas gets bad coverage and marginal funding. It’s almost like their is some third party using the Sharpton types as a battering ram against the Whites.

Signs of the Sharptons effects are all over regular society. At this point, it’s affected most everyone. Things generally seem to get worse year by year.

If we turn to Africa, and look at Rhodesia – another place that gets worse and worse every year – pressumably bc White people. First President Robert Mugabe had to Rhodesian hyper-inflation.

Here is a specimen of the newly named Zimbabwe’s currency during hyperinflation


However they got to the inflation, it wasn’t their fault. The Black Government tried to stem the problem by taking the land of White Farmers. Probably while all the evil Whites who had “exploited” were being ‘murdered’ at random.

“White People Did Hyper-Inflation! Not Blacks!

Fairly recently, we found out that the new and real farmerz of Zimbabwe either couldn’t or wouldn’t farm and that they couldn’t feed themselves.

At this point in time, there have been no reports of the real Zimbabweans enslaving Whites to farm. It’s touch and go but I don’t think that is going to happen. The Zimbabaweans are good people. We all know you can only be pushed so far though.

If you’ve seen that Jewish Wizard from Harry Potter in the movie Imperium, you can learn a thing or two about bad people. You know, Fascists. In Imperium the Jewish Wizard protagonist doesn’t become a KKK Grand Wizard but a skinhead and infiltrates the White Power people. The moral of the story is really profound. Something about “feeling like a victim” will make people Fascists…

As Such:

It seems that Imperium movie was right. In the recently liberated bastion of Africa, South Africa, two men have recently murdered and innocent South African.

One of the White Men involved in this cut and dry murderer was a diplomat, the other, his bodyguard. Worse, both were White and they drove an expensive car. The man they killed, a Kang approached them with a knife, just minding his own business. The bodyguard left the kangz brains laying in the street as you can see below.



As you saw, 20 something more Black people approached the Whites. They approached very nonchalantly. The murderers weren’t even trying to exchange insurance information… “just anotha dead n!gga.” They took off.

Did you hear what the poor innocent South African said around 1:15? “All he had was a knife.”

All he had was a knife

Black Hitler is Coming

White people need to do better.

Please try.

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