Gender Queer Pride Month Revolution 2018

Richard Simmons


The world is really coming along, especially for the LGBTQxyz Crowd. Can you believe that less than 50 years ago homosexuality was considered an official mental disease. Even more fascinating is that less than 20 years ago transgenders were considered mentally diseased? Some people these days still dare call transgenderism Gender Dysphoria. There was never any working medication for transgenderism or “Gender Dysphoria.” Don’t go a Google looking for it.

It has been fully established that the disorders as listed above are only natural, as natural as being Black. The only thing is, Blacks have only been horribly oppressed for four or five hundred years. Those formerly known as sexual deviants have been oppressed for millennia.

Men, Women and the Other formerly known as sexual deviants have sure come along way and they are hacking and slashing their way forward through “hate” and “oppression.” Today, they were in Tel Aviv, the now Capital of the Holy State of Israel. Soon, now that Jerusalem has been recognized as the Eternal Capital of Israel thanks to Trump’s America First Policy, we should have no doubt The Israeli Pride Parade will soon be held where Christ was Crucified. Thank God!

What is North America doing this Pride Month?

While there have been a few gender queer or transexual child star e-celebrities as of late, the kids are still ostensibly – read legally off limits. For now.

8 Years Old!!!

8 year old faggot

The victory for the queers this year may not sound sexy, not even to most people but, the big victory this year for the LGBTQxyz movement is that there will now be three genders on a lot of government paper work including Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates. Even more municipalities are working on making the unorthodox IDs a reality.

In my opinion, it is still bigoted because it enables bigots to check the license of someone they are interested in bedding down.

Like hate is hate, love is love, a non-bigot won’t ask to see your license, not if they’re truly interested. Be on the lookout for haters. Below, as per the respective news outlets,  are the areas where the enemies of  true and free nature will likely be found. Don’t stand for them when they ask, did you used to be a dude?



The Now Third State in the Union Maine Recognizing the Non-Binary:

NY Jersey is working hard on it like Richard Simmons dancing to the oldies:

As is the Marxist City-State of NY:

Finally, Big Timing it is Canadia with Passports:


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