Soccer: A Globalist Scourge on America

amy wambach


Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, soccer or “football” outside of the United States is something that many in the aforementioned generations have in common. In communities all across the United States, many from those generations have played soccer in their youth.

Up until a certain age, soccer can be fun. The churches and local clubs have leagues. Both boys and girls can and do play. How did it get so implanted in America that some moms are referred to as “Soccer Moms” though. That question and history is beyond the scope of this article. As you read, just remember, this article is about soccer in America.

Soccer in America is Progressive and Globalist. This author believes that is basically how it has come to somewhat of a prominence in the United States. We would need a team for the Olympics. We would need a team for The FIFA World Cup. It is progressive in that it is popular with the girls and women. The United States Women’s Team does very well and that is probably in large part do to the misnomered Women’s Liberation that has been going on since the fight for Women’s Suffrage. What other country would hold up an openly Lesbian woman (sic) that wears men’s suits to it’s people and worst of all children as a hero.

Dear reader, do you recall the girls in your high school that played the passive aggressive game known as soccer? I bet most if not all of them were flat-chested. Do you know why? They’re running around like maniacs everyday. It is that same reason why their legs can and will get jacked up if they play the game into college.

Sports can be problematic for girls. As with female soccer players breasts, sports can lead girls to be underdeveloped in their femininity. Then their is the passive nature of the game which can lead girls to develop a false sense of confidence in competition with men. The plays in the game are so nervously frenzied and non-committal, there is no doubt an ethos can develop in the players underlying personality of avoidance much like Parkour’s ethos is to move forward. The game no doubt subtracts from many female player’s desire for family and attraction to family life.

Soccer doesn’t only help to take our women away from us as some want them away. Soccer also encourages probably tens of thousands of South American men, mostly men, to take up untold acres upon acres of park space to play within even smaller boundaries in the same passive aggressive manner. They use goals that are the equivalent of the short bus and usually try to hot dog it when you walk past. Except there is no hot dogging it in soccer.

If America were truly exceptional, it would be coming up with new and exceptional sports. The players would also be required to speak fluent English and not be here on a work visa.

If America were truly exceptional, we would have masculine sports for men and fine feminine sports for women. We wouldn’t let our women play the bisexual and androgynous soccer. We definitely would not have followed the world to make a pozzed game even more pozzed with our women.

Still not convinced soccer is a One-Worlder Leveller Scam? The U.S. is hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup along with Canada and Mexico.

Let us not forget about the North American Union. Even ol’ Cotton Pickin Lou Dobbs reported about that shit. Mexican Presidents talk like they have sovereignty over our lands. We might have to go down there, fucking raze at least part of it.



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