A Gay Monkey Spreading Cancer in South Africa? Only in Africa!

Baboon giving the finger.jpg

You’ve heard the saying “only in NY.” Have you heard the saying “Only in Africa?

Africans get a bad name. The countries that were controlled by Whites, the now Zimbabwe as well as South Africa, both liberated from White Control, have been run into the ground. Zimbabwe had gross hyperinflation about 10 years ago.

Here is a 100 trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion.jpg

As the new and rightful leaders are running those nations back into the ground, violence against the Whites who built the two countries up is rampant and encouraged by the governments. Nelson Mandela, in fact, was nothing but a Communist bum leading his “oppressed Black African Brothers” into ruination.

Mandela Communist Flag.jpg

Somehow, the world was convinced Mandela the Commie Terrorist was a hero. The world, somehow too was convinced what the Boers and Afrikaners built belonged to the Black Africans. Now that the Black South Africans have control they are running “their” country, you’d think we’d have news stories on their progress, like wall-to-wall coverage. The world should know the cunning of the S. African Leadership in scapegoating Whites. The West surely would be floored by the rape, murder, and dispossession of the White population. Liberating South Africa was after all a big big cause.

Only in Africa… for now.

@Mathiasian turned me onto an even more curious story from a Zimbabwean Online Daily that I could not cut and paste to quote. Nevertheless, I took a screencap.

With all the political craziness going on in South Africa, there is now a gay monkey running around there raping Black African men. What’s worse, the five men that this sodomite monkey has reportedly raped have come down with ass cancer.

Magic Cancer Monkeys in Africa

Gay Baboon Attack.png


People don’t care about the slaughter of White South Africans. It should be no surprise and unquestionable that Magical Gay African Rape Monkeys exist in Africa and that is being covered up too.

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