The Future of the Consumerist World

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Parents were told of the future, flying cars, The Jetsons and Hoverboards. The later generations were told of a future replete with hydrogen vehicles and a ubiquitous hydrogen economy. They were told of other stuff too, medical miracles, Space exploration and Global Warming.

A music video that really gets the atmosphere right, that gives you an atmosphere that you can day dream into is closer to a valuable thing we really got in this future. Freedom is nothing but abused. Invention has become Consumerism.
Consumers are classed. Much of what each and every one of us own though is disposable and or transient in another way. The generation of parents were not given much aside from smaller and more practical computers. The later generations enjoy that too. However, these consumer computers are mostly used for consumerism. A Kekistani, an Alt Right or a NatSoc probably uses his or her computer more than the average user to create some type of media. They create media for their politics, their “war” or campaign. In large part though, it is still a consumable.

It is good the aforementioned groups create but, most people are trapped in their consumerist escape. They may also be and/or trapped in providing their children consumerism along with a packed schedule of other ultimately inconsequential things like organized sports and such. Ultimately, for the people in the parent-age-class, all they have gotten from the future is more escapism.

The Simpsons has Run for 29 Seasons. It is the Longest Running Show in History:


Cable Plans provide people with slots for around 900 channels. There are new movies and video games released every week. What does new media in these more traditional mediums really provide us? What new media do the new mediums, the computer-driven media provide us? We have 500 Star Wars Tales. We have video games that really only look different though they do have different “stories”. We have 10k situation comedies and so many action stories across mediums that new heroes have jumped, tucked, rolled and shot the same way as another hero.

The Unabomber in one of his various writings, The System’s Neatest Trick, explains how many of the social movements, as far back as he mentions is the 60s really work for the “System’s” advantage.

#Gamergate sought to keep women out of video games as the main character and out of the industry. #Gamergate did a job on some of the industry but, they also brought gaming to more people’s attention and may have even cultivated what they were trying to stop. If one were to sit and watch the “hot new games” reel on Youtube, you might conclude they are all the same old shit. They are all the same old shit except that there are more women and minority characters in the flash and vapid trailers.

This is a Potentially Untapped Market too:

Gay Mario.jpg

Those who make the games can sustain their audience rate and maybe even grow it with women and People of Color in Prominence. At the same time in the real, women may become more masculine or maybe more of them will just be fatter and without children. Ultimately, on the Racial Question, diversity in games will help lead to homogeneity among people. It is this authors assertion that those two things I mentioned are being driven in part by the media and will be driven further by the media. This author further asserts #Gamergate was good for diversity in the medium term as well as good for profits.

The thing that disturbs this author is that media, culture in general and consumerism are leading everyone into a cultureless, dehumanized homogenized future most likely under some kind of technocratic and racial aristocracy. The future that will most likely be far worse than 1984 or A Brave New World.

All sorts of immigrants are flooding into the European’s domain. It is obvious that the European will eventually disappear at the rate things are going.

The leaders of European Nations (including the U.S.), Think Tanks, NGOs, Multi-Nationals and even The Media Companies themselves must know this. So, what is the game plan? It’s not about resources. A collected race would be easier for a leadership to wield.

People had better look long and hard at what they’re doing.

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