Two Curious NYC Immigration Arrests, A Portent to a Wider Policy?

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The immigration enforcement policies of President Donald Trump and assumedly that of his Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a harder line as of late. There is plenty of coverage right now of families illegally crossing the border, illegally emigrating to our United States being separated. This is happening because the parents in the offending families are being prosecuted. The old easy going policy of “catch and release” has been discarded. Prosecution should at least be a deterrent just as it should catalog who tries to come in.

A lot of prominent people have come out to say the process of separating families is cruel. The wife of former President George W. Bush came out last night on Twitter to denounce the program. None of the critics that are basically demonizing the new policies at the border bring forth any solutions for what amounts to a porous border, a non-border. Melania Trump, Late Night Clown John Oliver, Religious Leaders and The U.N. have all come out against the now policies and practices of our country to control entry at our Southern Border.

Wat do though? Should we let everyone in? Instead of housing parents and children apart, should we have apartment buildings for the folks coming up from South of the Border? Should we build the apartments on the Ol’ Rio Grande and have a subsidized Whole Foods and Apple Store while the Criminal Aliens await trial and processing?

The Border is Only One Problem Spot Friends, Welcome to New York City

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A New Phase Coming?

Two long-term immigration scofflaws has now been caught now in the New York City area. Neither men were criminals in the sense that they were stopped for committing a crime other than emigrating here illegally. Both men have children and surprisingly, they both have wives that are citizens. One is Chinese in origin and the other is Mexican or South American.

NYC is Sanctuary City. It is a hotbed for illegals and caters to them, even offering the “City ID.”

Both the Governor of NY and the Mayor of NYC are jerky diehard liberals. The Mayor, Bill DeBlasio has a Communist past and was actually the man who started the CityID Program. The Governor, Andrew Cuomo, after Tump first got elected got a big soundbite in telling Trump to deport him. Not to be outdone, Mayor DeBlasio had an emergency meeting that looked incredibly choreographed.

This is it:

Shortly after Trump was elected, the DeBlasio Admin also had to decide what to do with the information they collected from those getting and those who had gotten the CityID. If the Trump Federal Government could get that list, they could potentially know who to pick up. Hilarity and ruination of DeBlasio would ensue.

The first of the recently picked up men caught who illegally emigrated to these United States was from Ecuador. He was a Pizza Delivery man who somehow wound up delivering from Queens to a Brooklyn Military Base. The base is said to be at least a half an hour away. It is curious that the military base ordered from the particular pizzeria. The delivery man they picked up was supposed to self-deport in 2010 and as of today 6/18, people are still trying to get him released because feelings.

The second man arrested in the last two to three weeks by ICE was a Chinaman. According to The NY Daily News, the man named “You, who has been in the country for 18 years, was issued a final order of deportation in 2002 after his claim for asylum was denied.”

The story is basically, the man was kicked out of our United States, stayed and now because he is married and has children with a woman who is a citizen, he thought he could get a Green Card even though he shirked the legal order issued to him in 2002.

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There is hoopla over immigration all the time. However, it is this authors contention that these two immigration stops in the “heavily fortified NYC” are test cases for the Trump Administration. Couple them with the separations of families and prosecutions at the border and it looks like we may be entering into a Trump Immigration Law and Order Phase in regards to the border and immigration enforcement. Further evidence to support this is that the Admin went after and assumedly is still going after the South American gangs. The fact that the Administration did this first might have been a way or an effort to garner goodwill.

For all the people who want to bring their kids here illegally or be here illegally and have kids, are they not reaping what they have sewn cheating each and every American Citizen, including our children and elderly and infirmed?

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