What Makes For the Worst Conspiracy Content?

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Ever since you could post videos to the web, self-appointed experts have been posting so-called conspiracy videos to it. It wasn’t long ago Alex Jones and David Icke were the kings of producing these videos. Around ten years ago, I guess as technology got cheaper, being able to produce high-quality videos became much more reasonable.

One might think that because there are more people making vids, the quality would be higher. That is not the case. As this author recalls, the last really big conspiracy videos were from Peter Joseph, his Zeitgeist videos. As it seems today, Peter Joseph is just another washed up weirdo that was spreading misinformation and utopian pipe dreams.

Could Peter Joseph have been working for some one of our governments? It seems like many of the major Conspiracy and or Truth guys either have a major malfunction or maybe more likely are just Cointel or Mossad, NSA or whoever. Some people and outfits like Freeman Fly are probably just weirdos.

Here Are Some Things that Need to See Their Way Out of the Conspiracy World for the Sake of the Conspiracy World

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The Things that Jam an Honest Man Up

1 Alarmism

Since these videos have started, half of them have aimed to raise the viewer’s heartbeat, blood pressure and fear level or nervousness. There are some stories that are kept quiet where viewers were either mentally ill or were triggered into mental illness by the alarmism a lot of the shit conspiracy videos push.

What’s more and the more prescient problem with alarmism is if the viewer, jacked up, goes around proselytizing looking like a weirdo. It makes the whole cause look bad.

2 Talk of Subliminals, The Subconscious and The Unconscious

A lot of these conspiracy videos talk about “subliminal stuff” like you’re going to be unknowingly triggered or manipulated into worshipping the devil or killing yourself. Heavy emphasis is put on these subjects and, it’s largely horseshit. The fact is that there are patterns all around. You can find patterns and shapes in your carpet or on your sheetrock. If it says sex in the “Virgin” logo, do you masturbate or bang some broad on the street because you saw it on a bus or took their airline?

The talk about subliminals, the subconscious and the unconscious is a canard and is presented with alarmism and sensationalism

3 Sensationalism

Some videos really want you to get into them. They use real propaganda techniques. These are the videos and parts in videos where you are most likely to be persuaded of bullshit.

4 Repetition and Homogenization

There are a few standard clips in Conspiracy Videos. The first is George H.W. Bush talking about the New World Order. You shouldn’t care what that guy said. It wasn’t a secret and it wasn’t profound. The actual meaning may be just as more economic harmonization, integration and block mergers right now

The next standard is that of JFK talking of a Conspiracy. That speech is entirely vague. It can be used for the Bankers, The Commies, The Jews, The Vatican. Every person who puts that clip in his video is a know-nothing asshole.

George Carlin? Fuck George Carlin. The guy was an Athiest Jew in an industry run by, most likely, Atheist Jews. He is part of the system he’s allowed to rail against. For that he was huge. Either Lenin or Trotsky said give the people their heroes. Shitbag Carlin is what they gave.

He only gives people part of the story. He was a dirty and degenerate hippy fucker. He also mocked God and probably Christianity, Christianity that has much more claim to this country than him, the faux-edgy piece of shit and his industry.

5 No Narrative

Have you seen the video where it’s just clips strung together with seemingly no point?

Fuck those videos

6 Vague Enemies

Naming Rothschild, Elites and Globalists does nothing.


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