The Conspiracy Surrounding that Old Enemy “M”

Mengele Midgets


A friend of mine got into something really bad. What he got into is and was so bad, I don’t know where he is right now and if he’s okay. We met early on after 9/11. We met on the job. I can’t mention what that job was and still feel safe. Anyway, we used to listen to conspiracy stuff all the time while we were on the grind. Eventually, we got into the whole Jews did 9/11 thing. We were both quickly convinced the Jews did 9/11. Right now, I try not to think about 9/11 or the Jews or any conspiracies. What has happened to my friend has scared me straight.

We came into anti-Semitism through the 9/11 Conspiracy angle. My friend started bringing in successively harder hardline materials about the Jews. Then it became Neo-Nazi stuff. My friend became convinced that direct Neo-Nazi Action was the only way forward. He started talking about a man he referred to only as “M.” He was vague about what this apparent Nazi Leader “M” was doing. He did make some claims. One was particularly outrageous. He said “M” had been able to stop the aging process, that “M” was a former Nazi Doctor and the group was waging a war of terror through proxy against America and Europe. That was in 2005. That was just about the last time I saw my then, to me, increasingly unstable friend.

In 2017 I was at my favorite Arby’s, the Arby’s I had eaten at every “two for Tuesday” for about 20 years. As I was making my way to leave, a car skidded to a stop behind me. It was my friend in a big Mercedes. He looked like he hadn’t aged a day. He told me to get in and I had to oblige.

My old friend seemed like he was in good shape. I asked him what this craziness was about. He said he had crossed “M.” As it turns out, “M” was a Doctor. “M” was Dr. Joseph Mengele. As it turns out, my friend was into some high-level shit. The thing is for a while, he thought he was working for the underground Nazi cause, a good cause. For a time he was enamored with his leader Dr. Joseph Mengele, the so-called angel of death. Mengele did, after all, stop my friends aging. Mengele also upgraded my friend’s eyes, the spectrum of his vision.

My friend’s tasks, in the beginning, were easy for him. He wound up working his way up in the ranks. He was in charge of sourcing and logistics. In the beginning, my friend felt and believed he had made the big time in his work against Z.O.G., the Zionist Occupied Government, but then he started to notice things. He noticed people that would come through the safe house were often never seen again. In time, he realized that a lot of the people that came through the safe-house were not even Aryan and there were even a few Jews.

Things all changed when my friend got a smartphone. Originally, the “M” crew was not going to use them but eventually, they needed them. Over time, my friend figured out what “M” was doing. “M” was still experimenting but he was experimenting making what the media called “spree killers,” and other mass murderes, school shooters, maniacs, “ISIS” Terrorists etc.

“M” really is and was just a mad scientist.” That is the long and short of it and he has somehow perfected a method to turn at least certain people into mass-murderers. I assume my friend dead. I’ve been searching for confirmation. My friend told me Mengele had franchises set up all over, and that Mengele had imprinted steadfast men with his own “M” personality.

Further chaos is coming now that cloned “M” consciousness are hard at work. Investigators from the FBI to media personalities have no idea what is going on. The best people have come up with is the whole “crisis acting” angle. Could “M” have put that meme out there himself?

I don’t know how many people will believe me on this. Spread the word, if someone approaches you to join with “M” or Esoteric Mengelism, I implore you, decline.

Spread this article, there is no telling what wickedness numerous Mengele’s could concoct in the future.


Note: I wrote this for a “conspiracy fiction” contest after I realized all those professional conspiracy fuckwits make up a ton of stories about the Good Doctor Mengele. At this point, I would wager he was probably one of the nicer doctors in The Reich.

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