#MeToo Cancer Now Spreading HIV as a Wider Agent of Change

metoo shields.jpg

As you can see in this photo above, #MeToo is not just a woman’s sex abuse movement. Not anymore. It’s now art. The installation above shows some of what the #MeToo movement is now taking on. It is a vulgar installation and infanticidle implications. Who knows what other wholesome and life-affirming sub-causes #MeToo will take on in the future.

As #MeToo is at it’s core an Anti-Rape movement, it has now emerged that anything Donald Trump says that is negative about a female political opponents is now and should now be considered rape… or at least forced heavy petting. Not to be outdone though, Germany too is under fire for their language by #MeToo. It isn’t Goebbels that has come back from the Moon to rant to about women about having their lying mouths shut similarly to how he told that to the “Lying Jewish Press” back in the late 30’s early 40’s. The in problem actuality is much greater than Nazis. The problem #MeToo has with Germans right now is that Germany has different nouns for male and female titles, such as occupations.

Who knew rape was so rampant? Trump is German though too. Maybe it’s the Germans.

As Vanity Fair reports(?), Trump launched,

Repeated attacks on Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren show, again, that Trump’s hostility toward women know seemingly no bounds.

If you will recall, Maxine Waters, the 70 year old Black Woman with belligerent vitriol has thought Trump and/or his gang for a long time now were, in her words “scumbags.”

According to the journalist, Maya Kosoff who wrote the Vanity Fair piece about Trump, Trump went so far as to apologize to his favorite faux(?) feathers Indian , Elizabeth Warren stating,

“I want to apologize. Pocahontas, I apologize to you . . . to you I apologize. To the fake Pocahontas, I won’t apologize.”

Elizabeth Warren wasn’t at the rally but reported a tingle phantom in her room that night the next day.

Trump also tried to rip Maxine Waters out of her panties, apparently, with this remark,

he also claimed that Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had an I.Q. in the “mid-60s.”

Maya Kosoff doesn’t say why Trump was trying to jump women, old and ugly women, but she sure is outraged. It just goes to show you that old saying “always believe a woman.”

In the Lesser German Reich…

Adolf Anime.jpg

Donald Trump is no Hitler. I am sure though that the same type of journalists have covered how Hitler “allegedly” raped his niece to death or something while throwing hot cooking grease on her ass in between sessions. What is not widely talked about for some reason is that Hiter made the German language sexist, he made Deutsche sexist and a mind controlling rapist, and a physical rapist. The legacy of that brutal language lives on to this day.

USA Today carried a story on 7/9 entitled,

“#MeToo movement targets German language as sexist”

They cite the examples that,

In English, a doctor is a doctor and a lawyer is a lawyer, regardless of whether they are male or female. But in German, professional titles and nouns reflect the gender of a person. A male doctor is an Arzt, while a female doctor is an Ärztin. Most job vacancies use only male nouns, and the national anthem pays homage to the “Fatherland.”

Hiter used the term Fatherland but USA Today doesn’t mention that. Oddly enough, it does mention doctors. Hitler took his niece to a doctor after raping, murdering and burning her with grease(not necessarily in that order.) It seems that is where the first differentiation in the term comes from. The differentiation then spread through Germany, the “romance languages” and who knows where else.

This language thing needs to be stopped. No one will rape when there are no genders, right? If we can stop the Germans again, like Q says, we can save the world. So, stick to the plan.

Q also wants us to destroy any homogeneous nations and all nations with their own central bank. Israeli enemies too.

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