Let Us Remember: An Informationwar is a Culture War Too, #ComicsGate [Days of Hate]

SD 3.jpg

Days of Hate is a 12 issue comic book series put out by Image Comics. Image used to be about pushing the limits on things like straight sexuality, violence, to some extent religion and speech. Now, time has passed and a lot of us have grown up. It has become obvious to this author that Image and a lot of other companies – most companies – in the comics industry practice “oppressive tolerance.” The term oppressive tolerance was coined by Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse may be obscure to some, maybe even to most. Marcuse worked on the Frankfort School’s objective to do away with the culture of the “Authoritarian Personality” or, the straight White male. Logically, ridding the world of the Authoritarian Personality demands getting rid of the straight White male and “Western Values” in general. To what end is this program of controlled cultural rot being carried out? I am not yet sure. Who can really say what the ultimate goal of the megalomaniacal perpetual revolutionary is? Peace on Earth?

Now, you may have heard of #ComicsGate. It is similar to #Gamergate. Personally, I’m the closest person I know that is involved with the thing but, I left comics about 4 years ago after comics left me.

Not buying comics hasn’t left me unaware of comics. I have read a few issues and, there are plenty of places to read them online gratis.

I thought the coordinated effort to put gays in comics starting around 2010 was bold. Days of Hate by Ales Kot is bolder. The book and story contain a world of partisan identity civil war. While that could make for an interesting story, the characters are caricatures and worst of all, the dystopic future is blamed on a distorted version of Trump or Drumpf. In Days of Hate, dystopia is not brought in through Jewish Extremists enabled by Trump who carve out the Middle East and remove The Dome of the Rock. It’s not the future Trump has potentially enabled. No, the dystopia in Days of Hate is brought about by some unexplainable and inextricable hate towards the other… an irrational hate.

Anyway, here are some screencaps I thought were interesting and that convey my point. Here are what the Culture Makers are Broadcasting… for a fee;)

Evoking the Holocaust,

Days of Hate 1 Holocaust.png

To Say America First.

Days of Hate 1 America First.png

As the dullard reader is wont to get to his story about “kill whitey,” he passes another triggering Trump meme,

Days of Hate 2 Alternative Facts.png

Allusions to the Third Reich:

Even though the infamous mystique around the word below is unwarranted.

Days of Hate 3 Volk.png

Some Sort of Paranoiac’s Saying:

Days of Hate 4 Weirdo Quote.png

Finally, a Heydrich Quote,

David Irving pins the Holocaust on him and Himmler. More importantly, Heydrich was the head of the Gestapo and SS Intelligence, the SS SD.

Days of Hate 5 Gestapo.png

All in all, I believe you my reader can see the portrait I have presented clearly.

Love Trump or hate him, we need to get our media up so we can spread Information through Culture and Vice Versa.

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