New Groans from Popular Social Media [Facebook, Twitter]

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For this author, his best time on Twitter was in the second half of 2015. That time on Twitter was the first time I really put time in on social media. Twitter was still playing pretty fast and loose with it’s censorship and it’s censorship of the Alt Right the name of which was widely being branded at that time.

At this point, Twitter is boring. It is also much harder to get followers. In the past, big Alt Right accounts like that of the now widely hated Ricky Vaughn had around 90k followers. Vaughn also ranked in around the top 2/3rds on an M.I.T. list of Presidential Election Influencers. Trump was number one.

Other accounts in the Alt Right, such as @mathsian had 30k, 50k, 60k followers. Big names interacted with such accounts. They were influential. Biggish accounts would follow you too if you had the right information to offer.

Nowadays, it’s pretty good if you can break 1k followers. The thing is, Twitter is not too fun anymore. All of the positives listed above are non-existent. Most people now self-censor and tweets are largely repetitive. On the other hand, there are a handful of accounts that are unbannable. Those accounts though go to great lengths – they even spend money – to secure their access to Twitter.

Aside from all those drawbacks, if you are edgy, too edgy, you may be shadowbanned. If you catch a shadowban, the interactions with your account will go way down because a shadowban severely limits how widely your content will be disseminated.

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President Trump weighed in on shadowbans the other day. NBC News Reported:

“Twitter ‘SHADOW BANNING’ prominent Republicans. Not good,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.”

NBC Reported Twitter denies that they are shadowbanning but VICE News reported…

that (shadowbans) affected Republican profiles included Ronna Romney McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, multiple conservative Republicans in Congress (including House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio) and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman.

If the VICE report is true, what hope does the little guy have?

How About Facebook?

Like Dislike.png

Less than 24 hours ago, FOX News published Facebook is sorry: Ten times Mark Zuckerberg’s social network apologized. Some of those 10 times and the way some are presented, to be fair, is a way for FOX(who claimed they are not MSM and now that they are not “The Media”) to put the screws to Facebook.

It is odd that people are willing to build true to life personal profiles with everything from name to phone number to tagged pictures and more. This author has been banned several times for using his trademark Tom Hardy of Bane Fame’s photo for his profile pic. Facebook wants ID for me to get my account unlocked.

It is even more odd that people are willing to provide Faceberg all sorts of personal information to a company who’s CEO, Faceberg scoffed at his users for doing so. Maybe that wasn’t that widely publicized.

Fake News or at least the specter of it has hung high over Facebook. On Thursday, as NBC News Reports

NATO this week unveiled its latest weapon in the disinformation battleground.

Researchers at the defense alliance have developed a Facebook game that they believe can help people to be more discerning when sharing news online.

Initial reaction to the game, which is called The News Hero, appears to be muted. By Friday morning, it had received just 50 likes and one share.

Things must be bad. Personally, I would rather have the bet on the date of the next terrorist event app like was pitched during the Bush II Admin.

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The Bottom Line

For Facebook, it’s this:

The firm’s shares closed nearly 19% lower, wiping more than $120bn (£92bn) off Facebook’s market value.

The fall also dragged down the tech-rich Nasdaq share index, which closed 1% lower.

Facebook’s forecast came as the firm faces a backlash over its handling of fake news and user data.

For Twitter

Twitter shares have closed down more than 20% after the messaging platform reported a fall in active users.

User numbers fell to 335 million in the second quarter of the year, down one million from the previous three months.

During the quarter Twitter deleted many fake accounts – a move that chief executive Jack Dorsey said was reflected in the results.

The slide to just under $35 a share came despite Twitter reporting record quarterly profits.

The fact of the matter is when it comes to the internet, there can be a quick sea-change like MySpace to Facebook. There are the newer platforms, Steemit, Minds and even Gab. At the same time, there are plenty of semi-private forums. Could there be a schism coming in platforms userbases because of content production and interest? Will we see a sea-change because of the coming internet 3.0 – the blockchain, the internet of things, machine learning, etc? Time will tell but the history of the internet points to an upheavel.

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