The Fight for the Future of Europe [Germany at the Center]

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What it is

In Post-Enlightenment times, Western Europe has been dominated by two main forces, the Germanics and the Anglos. Everyone else excepting Russia to the East was at most a secondary power. The Germanics and the Anglos were opposed in much. Britain was a sea power as The Germanics were a Continental Power. Philosophy and Education differed. Eventually, the World Wars were fought for numerous reasons.

Today, somewhat ironically after the partition of Germany, the U.N. and the rise of the E.U., Germany and England are still the most powerful in Europe, and still at odds. Germany has become the defacto head of the E.U. while England has pulled out. England has tenuously embraced Nationalism and Germany still somewhat of a vassal state Globalism and to a great extent, self-destruction – self-erasure -by cheerleading 35 year old “child” “refugees” to enter it’s land and the rest of Europe. That is not to say Britain has stemmed it’s demographic issues or that they have solid leadership moving them in that direction.

Having one Grandfather straight from Germany and other affections for The Fatherland, this author does not want to see Germany or the rest of Europe Balkanized down the road into Muslim, African, Indian and dwindling “European Zones.” The Quest for profit and faux charity towards “refugees” will most likely divide, conquer and destroy Europe with very few men benefiting in the end.

Instead of all that, the goals should be cooperation amongst Europeans, repatriotization of non-Europeans and reinvigoration of the soul of Europe. Having one currency and the free movement of people’s to chase that money will achieve none of those objectives. Being able to get a Royale W/Cheese at 4 A.M. in every Euro Nation served to you a mostly Colored underclass doesn’t help anyone except McDonald’s. Again, it just makes things worse. Eventually, after everyone is ground down, there will be nothing left but “pink slime” to be put into a mold like the Hamburgers or Nuggets at Le McDonald’s.

German Nationalist Aktion?

AFD Chan Pepe.jpg

The E.U. Architects would flip if Brexit were permanent and the AFD, Alternative For Deutschland were to gain power. That scenario would most likely result in a complete alignment of the entire Western or White World from The U.S. to Russia.

First and foremost like all the battles here in the West the battle is against time, decay or entropy, it is a cultural and informational battle

Oddly enough, the AFD tried to get a booth at a “Pride Parade.” According to DW they were not allowed to set up shop’

The youth wing of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has complained after being denied a stall at this year’s Berlin Pride event, Christopher Street Day (CSD), saying it has been unfairly excluded.

The AFD does have sodomites in their party though and in highly visible spots.

The Culture War aspect has carried over to the theatre. And, the Parties Party unlike here in the U.S.,

Germany’s increasingly bold nationalists spark a new culture war

Right now, it seems the AFD is winning or at least making strides. As the EU Observer reports,

Germany’s AfD bigger than social democrats for first time

At a conference of the Party, DW reported that:

Representatives of Germany’s right-wing populist AfD have urged the creation of “Fortress Europe” with the help of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Austria’s Sebastian Kurz. Thousands protested AfD party congress in Augsburg.

It’s hard to believe that Europe, and Germany, both of whom are headed to the slaughterhouse will be able to pull a 180 but it could be done…

In closing, YeniSafak carried the following quote:

Senior AfD deputy Jörg Meuthen criticized multiculturalism as a “quixotic ideology” and “the great ideological fallacy of the early 21st century.”

This author agrees.

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