Social Engineering in San Fransico: Law Makers are Seeking to Ban Cafeteria’s in the Workplace

Remember the TV Show Full House? San Franciso is famous for those hilly streets. The Family in Full House supposedly lived in one of those houses. A really nice one. What San Francisco was famous for 25 years ago when that show was on, this author does not know.

San Francisco Hill.jpg

The Haight-Ashbury section is widely recognized as Ground-Zero of the Hippy Movement. San Francisco’s Pier 7 was a big skatespot in the 90’s until it got torn down or put on lock. Assumedly during the 90’s big tech firms were taking root in Frisco. Frisco became huge for the gays at some point too. South Park depicted it as a place where the parents smugly got high on their own farts and the kids did drugs to escape the “smug.”

Rice-A-Roni was the “San Francisco Treat.” Now a new treat covers the area as public defecation is out of control. There are also quite a few syringes and pan-handlers if you’re thinking of taking a vacation there anytime soon.

South Park Smug.jpg

The New Mayor, after her swearing in on July 13 according to NBC Bay Area, said:

“I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed said. “That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”

That’s not all that’s out there though and if two San Francisco City Council Members have their way, soon the workforces of posh and padded office buildings replete with amenities will pretty much have to head to the streets during lunch.

From the NY Times:

In a move meant to wrest tech workers from their increasingly luxurious offices, two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have proposed an ordinance to ban new corporate offices from including cafeterias. They hope this would force workers to mingle socially with others in the city and support local restaurants, which sprung up around tech headquarters only to find disappointing traffic.

Anudda NYT article stated:

Open drug use is still common on the streets around Twitter’s headquarters. Some of the big restaurants that moved in have already moved out because they were not drawing enough customers. A few stories up, in a forbidding Art Deco-style building, Twitter employees enjoy free meals in an expansive corporate cafeteria. Tight security on the ground floor keeps the problems of the street away.

Indeed, you can see a junkie readying his needle as the new Mayor walked passed him on the streets last month:

If San Fransico succeeds in stifling peoples lunches and whatever else to bring down x magnitudes of hardship on the relatively wealthy and law-abiding, in due time the Council Members and Mayors will have very little of value to preside over.

If no cafeteria leads to one stabbing…

Why did nobody go after the guy getting ready to inject himself 10 feet from the Mayor?

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