PewTube, a Censorship Free Video Platform Seems to be No More

PewTube Logo.jpeg

Not more than 18 months ago, there were numerous figures on the full spectrum of the right calling on their viewership to start jumping off the big platforms, the oligarchical platforms and/or the establishment platforms.

Twitter has had numerous purges. It seems Milo Yianoppolis was the biggest name to be permabanned but then he went on to crash and burn for comments related to pederasty anyway. Milo was only one quirky, flamboyant flit though. Twitter has knocked off many users who are not about to invest in a burner phone to get back on the platform. Minds, Gab and WrongThink are popular and apparently stable alternative platforms to Twitter but of course, those platforms do not have the same reach as Twitter. They have no Journalists, Politicians or Celebrities. The alternative platforms do have their plusses tho.


YouTube is a platform more people use than Twitter. Limiting Functionality and outright removal of video in greater frequency were the first rumblings something was not right on YouTube. Demonetization was next. Along the way, YouTube moved the bar for monetization. Yours truly was a victim of that scam. Yours truly also has had two accounts terminated. One was an audiobook page and the other was terminated with only two strikes. Alex Jones who has been behind the 8 ball twice now is making out pretty good.

Vidme was a weird YouTube alternative. It’s gone. Vimeo makes you pay once you have a certain file volume. BitChute is pretty good and looks like it will hang in there for now though, it still has bugs.

PewTube was an interesting one but it lacked some key features. It was a barebones platform. That gave it a certain charm. However, it needed a few more bones. At this point, this is what your browser will return if you try to surf on over to PewTube:

Pewtube Dead.png

To me, having seen my numbers steadily drop off this meant it was dead. I went to the PewTube Gab page. PewTube hadn’t Gabbed in two months. On their Gab page, I found a link for their Discord. While the Discord was still there and not derelict, the users that were online were saying what I was saying that PewTube was dead.

Pour a Colt 45 out for PewTube and throw some salt over your shoulder. Cover both bases.

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