Columbian Sex Trade (The Blessings of Israel)


For a while now, since before the 2016 Presidential Election, the subject of pedophiles and pedophile rings have been a hot topic. Back then in a Wikileaks dump strange coded messages were found in the dump. These coded messages bore an uncanny relationship to codes known to be used by pedophiles. Tony Podesta, the big wig on Hildawg’s Staff was of particular interest in what turned into a major citizen sleuthing operation. Alas, the citizen sleuths turned up no concrete evidence against Podesta or any other subjects.

YouTubers got in on on the fray. Somewhere along the way, it was dubbed #Pizzagate in reference to the codes. In true YouTube fashion, popular yet always dubious shows led listeners from dead end to dead end. Other YouTube users, ones who make video one offs agreed that child sexual abuse was going on but upped the ante. There were numerous “documentaries” and “tell-alls” that introduced elaborate ghoulish, murderous and Satanic scenarios told as truth. Some of the video and podcast producers even added a Ritual Abuse Mind-Control aspect to the core pedophilia story.

King of All Alternative Media Alex Jones of course dropped some knowledge. In a joint Infowars session with Alex and an alleged retired C.I.A Agent, Robert David Steele, Alex very much insinuated Prince Charles regularly drank the blood of children, The odd thing about Jones’ insinuation though was that the children Alex alleged Prince Charles was drinking blood from and possibly diddling were terminally ill children. To Alex, Prince Charles definitely wasn’t going to see the dying children to lift the tikes’ spirits. No,bthe way this author saw it, it seemed pretty certain Alex was leading his less critically thinking viewers to the conclusion that Prince Charles either regularly drank blood with all sorts of diseases swimming in it and or just straight up sodomizing half living children. As further proof of Alex’s insinuation(s) Alex pointed out that Prince Charles was and is a descendent of Vlad the Impaler. Alex was incredibly Anti-Vlad even though plenty of people revere Vlad as a savior of Europe who held the Romanian Flank against the invading Mohamedans. So what if he did it with flare.


It’s been at least 18 months now since #PizzaGate started to be investigated. The citizen sleuths, the YouTube bums and the ultimate lunatic shill, Alex Jones, all in total have turned up nothing concrete. Q Anon was the last personage to stoke the #PizzaGate flames. “Q” sparked an unkown number of sycophants to scour parts of the Arizona desert. Those poor deluded people didn’t find shit.
Just this weekend, a real ongoing and more traditional sex scandal, at least two underage prostitution rings have been uncovered in Columbia. They operate in coastal resort towns Israelis visit and they seem to be operated Israeli’s.

I’ve found myself posted up at The Purity Spiral Forum and have been accepted into the Bund. Purity Spiral Member @cyning found and relayed the info from /pol/. /pol/ users found the source material article on the rackets believed to be run by bad dudes from Israel.

Please don’t decry the statement “bad dudes from Israel” as Anti-Semitic. Yours truly and The Purity Spiral Gang know the abject hardships Jews and Israelis have faced. We know that over the years, the Jewish have been expelled from 109 Domains because of what was really, probably, no fault of their own or at worst because of misunderstandings. We have all seen how most recently the Germans (all Germans) took the Jews shoes away in the Concentration/Work Camps. We know how when Germany was being bombed into oblivion in the Allies Final Assault on “The Fatherland,” the Germans responsible for the Jewish populations in the camps left the Jews lives up to nature and chance. German dereliction of their duty to “The Chosen” left many, many Jews to contract Typhus and become extremely gaunt. Do you deny the Germans let that happen? We don’t. Compare pictures of Jews during the liberation of the camps to others with Typhus like that of soldiers from The U.S. Civil War who came down with the disease.

Luckily for the Columbians, they found only a few bad apple Jews, the ones that are really bad. That’s not to say there are a lot of bad Jewish apples. Not by any means. In this day and age, some bad Jewish Apples are not going to lead Columbia to bump the number of Jewish Expulsions up to number 110. Reports are hard to come by but it seems that around only a Jewish dozen are in trouble/involved. They will most likely just be shipped to Israel to learn to live a godly life.

Now that the State of Israel has been established, foreign governments who find Jews “criminal,” in a lot of cases aren’t laden with the burden of trying those Jews in Court and paying for their subsequent lockup. Instead, the Godly People, God’s Chosen People welcome the criminal Jew or the alleged criminal Jew home. Then, there in Israel, “Rabbis” flagellate for that criminal at a place they call the Wailing Wall. The newly reunited Jew having made Aliyah for his freedom is then fed a steady diet of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

If the Columbians don’t let the “criminal” or “offending” Jews make Aliyah and instead prosecute them, they’re stupid. The two offending camps of “alleged” human traffickers were setup on assumedly beautiful beaches – primo real estate – real estate where Israelis frequent. As American Evangelicals say, Natas will bless those who bless Israel and Natas will curse those who curse Israel. The Columbians need that tourism money. Then there are also high-powered Jewish Businesses and Business Interests that undoubtedly operate out of Columbia. Natas giveth to those interests and Natas will allow those interests to taketh away Natas bounty from the Columbians.
As they say, “boys will be boys” and as some “Rabbis” have said, and I paraphrase, a non-Jew ain’t worth much. Therefore, all the proscriptions I made for “criminal Jews” are valid. They should actually be celebrated and even are. If what the “criminal” Israelis allegedly did in Columbia was such a big deal, it would have made bigger, international news even. It didn’t. Jews don’t run the media. According to Alex Jones the Saudis do. The story only made /pol/ and Voat. Furthermore, even the coverage that was put out in various outlets was largely the same story and almost the same exact 250 words verbatim.

What did these two groups of Prodigal Chosenites do exactly? It’s not a big deal but…

Offender #1

Accused Offender #1 is seemingly an alleged offender named Assi Ben-Mosh. According to the name Mosh means origin or popularity. In this case, Assi being a Ben-Mosh makes sense. According to our research, Mosh was the first Israeli National to get clipped by the Colombian Authorities for the prostitution of minors. That’s not all Mosh got hit for though. As was reported by The Times of Israel

“Assi Ben-Mosh was accused of dealing drugs, coercing minors into prostitution, evading taxes, and ‘harming security’ of the country(Colombia)”

Mosh was based and

“had allegedly been running a resort hotel near the northern Colombian town of Santa Marta, where he had set up a drug and sex crime ring. The Hotel Benjamin, at the fishing village of Taganga, was an attraction for many Israelis on post-army travels but was unpopular with local residents due to the activities associated with it. His operations also reached into Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico, local media reported.

Ben-Mosh tried to avoid deportation but is now “banned from returning to Columbia for 10 years, local media said.”

Israel needs to keep an eye on this Ben-Mosh guy if he is going to be staying in Israel for a while. It is rumored that Israel’s pharmaceutical industry produces Molly and Ecstasy on the side and there have been persistent rumors that girls from Eastern Europe, what Jews call shikhas(meaning Gentile whores) are trafficked into Israel and made to act as a commodity to “service” Israeli men. If an alleged experienced Israeli Sex and Drug Kingpin operating in Colombia were to mix with “Native” Israeli Sex and Drug Kingpins, there could be a perfect storm of sorts. A terrible perfect storm. There could be an all out Israeli Mafia Warfare. Jews became experts running the Italian Mafias in America. Think of the damage that Israeli Mafioso on Israeli Mafioso violence could do just to the Old City alone. Only their god Natas could stem the chaos.

Offender #2

The second offender is a group and it was taken down more recently. A local woman as a “Madame” to rent and what not the girls the group figured they owned.

“Madame” Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello and several unnamed Israelis were believed to be the network’s ringleaders.”

Information is scarcer in this case as to who the Israelis were. The group however was

“allegedly raped and tattooed all their underage victims, aged between 14 and 17.”

Their stable of girls was said to number about 250. All that information comes from The Sun.

To have a bad reputation for your country, town et. al. is a bad thing. It’s even worse when foreigners are responsible for you acquiring that bad reputation. Someone but more likely some group was circulating videos for “Orgy Tourism” in Colombia.

People still wonder why so many Israelis get mixed up in things like this. Every single preacher on the air in America cannot say good enough things about Israel. Does this not lend to Israelis and Jews having high self-esteem? People with high self-esteem don’t do these things. Even, even if per chance they did, they still have their great god Natas to succor them… I don’t get it either.

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