The Best Face Tattoos: Get One, Now!

8-7 hangover.jpg

It’s official! Numerous news outlets have dubbed face tattoo’s mainstream. Check out what the UK Independent had to say:

For decades, tattoos in highly visible areas, especially the face, were considered the extreme in body art, at least in Western culture. Now, that’s all changed

I’ve done the legwork for you all my Steemians. Look upon the best face tats and be inspired.

Here’s a Cutie made even cuter:

8-7 heart girl.jpeg

Ladies like their men confident:

8-7 pussy eater.jpg

Shout-out to the Jugallo:

8-7 Jugallo.jpg

The Hipster/Gangster Hybrid:

8-7 hipster gangster hybrid.jpg

The Sqaure:

8-7 checkered.jpg

The Patriot:

8-7 patriot.jpg

The Old Timer:

8-7 more colorful.jpg

The Camouflaged One:

8-7 most creative.jpg

The Anatomist:

8-7 skull.jpg

The Real Man of Color:

8-7 rea man of color.jpg

The Real Woman of Color:

8-7 woman of color.jpg


The Rear View

8-7 bonus.jpg

Now that y’all have seen the best, what have you been inspired to put on your mug?

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