Sexuality Attacks!


Remember Hentai? The Anime-based Tentacle Porn all around weird guy and disgraced big-time journalist Kurt Eichenwald got caught looking at? Kurt has been some kind of a slovenly crumb-bum that Twitter et. al. love to blast because of all the oddities that are attracted to him. When Twitter realized Kurt was caught watching Hentai, he was in damage control for a while. His wife, his kids, they were all vouching for him. His story was that there was some kind of bet. He won! The tab of Hentai was open on his computer because he had to take his victory lap or something.

Kurt is kind of irl George Costanza but seemingly very seedy. Kurt was also attacked and immobilized by a weaponized .gif file among other happenings.

So, sex, sex, sex. That movie or PSA Reefer Madness was not quite correct about the effects of marijuana but, there is definitely a sex problem in America and probably the West. Some countries are smart enough to outlaw porn. In America, you could be a college student in the school’s computer lab and the guy next to you, imbibed with rights and freedom can take a 20 minute break from his work to watch some roughshod woman take it in all holes at once for those 20 minutes.

Everything today is more sexy, even when it’s not like when one of those scantily clad 300 lb womyns is arguing with the live audience about how she look good in the men’s waist size 58 blue jean cut-off jeans she wearing on national television.

Counter-intuitively while more people are getting their sexy on, there are fewer children being born to the native populations of Western Nations.

Another thing is, there are more perverts than ever. In less than 5 minutes, I found the following stories:

The takeaway,

  • Recreational Hentai viewers need to be thrown a beating on sight.
  • With women, you want quality, not quantity.
  • With the sexualization of food by Jack in the Box and George Costanza having been involved with food-sex, everybody needs to keep an eye out on Kurt Eichenwald. There may be a sexualized food scandal in his future.

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