Marketers, for the Good of the Race, are Already Working on Ways to Get Us to Eat Bugs

roasted crickets.jpeg

Have you ever eaten bugs? This author has. He wasn’t like yeah, that water-bug looks good. He wasn’t dared. Someone he somehow knew on the periphery of his social circle had a box of chocolate covered crickets. Between the curiosity he had as a younger man and peer pressure, he tried some and kind of wanted more after the group had finished the box. This author has never had them again. He hasn’t really thought about it since. That was maybe 15 years ago.

Man has always eaten bugs. In the Old Testament, eating at least certain bugs was not prohibited in the real law given to the Children of Israel. The manufactured Talmud may have changed that. These days, people in South America and maybe more so Africa probably eat the most bugs. Haitians and those in the land of the Island girls too. One MLB baseball team, the Mariners in the uber progressive Seattle do sell “toasted crickets”, at their concessions. That team’s concessions during games probably have the highest concentration of bug eaters in the White World. The System however is getting ready to sell us more bugs though.

The System believes that if they want to do something or want the people to do something, they can have it done. Look how shitty Mel Gibson’s life was for those several years. Iraq was invaded two or three times on false pretenses. It may well be invaded again. Plenty of people will cheer the slaughter and cheer the other engineered slaughters too.

Now, the system is not fully built out yet. Nor is it fully in control. Will there be a true One World Government with one or two official Abominable religions populated by a raceless and rootless “human race?” Probably not. This article is just a drop in the pond of efforts to stymie, stop and prevent a One World Government. The fact of the matter though is (((they))) and the others that work with (((them))) affect much greater change on men than this article ever will. That however, does not mean (((they))) will win. There is a good chance they will succeed in getting part of the White World to eat bugs on the regular. Others will enjoy it as a novelty or delicacy.

Citizen: Why should we eat bugs though?

ZOG: To serve man.

Citizen: To serve man what?

ZOG: You should eat bugs because the earth is warming, beef is ecocide, you citizens have too much energy and muscle for this place and time and for the sake of Equality and Fraternity you need to use your Liberty and choose to eat bugs. Those are some reasons you people eating bugs will serve man.

Citizen: Nobody will want to do that.

ZOG: No?

Citizen: No.

ZOG: Citizen, how many VeganFags have we created in the last 70 years?

Citizen: Zaw-og! No! Nobody in the White World will ever eat bugs! Not like it’s normal!

ZOG: Citizen, the day is coming when you people will eat bugs. It is coming soon. Most of those who do will never know mass consumer consumption of bugs is a relatively new thing. Most of you will be too shallow, callous and degenerate to have even had a civil conversation with the elderly of that time who never ate bugs. Be thankful we don’t make you eat each other.

Degenerate Feminist.jpg

The fictional exchange above is not a joke. Who among the “Greatest Generation” would have led a Vegan lifestyle. All Gore went to all the trouble making the two “Inconvenient” movies and the majority of us, the unwashed, just can’t understand junk science. They need to do something and keep their slow motion eco revolution going. “Space Ship Earth” is obviously beyond it’s carrying capacity already. Just ask chubby negro celebrity “scientist” Neil Degrasse Tyson.

We have been given tobacco, TV, porn, birth control and sexual perversions are regularly loosed among other things by System Science. Everything we were given only slowed down our population growth and the consumption of our population. The population of the rest of the world is still growing.

Bugs can help save the world. Q Anon will probably add bugs as a meal to his platform to save the world if he hasn’t already.

We need eat bugs for the future. We need to do it for our rootless coffee colored great grandchildren who will mutilate their genitals and carve grooves into their heads or whatever is cool.


Do we White people of the world like yogurt? Yea, we sure do. Why do we like yogurt? It’s good for our digestion among other things.

Do you know what a new study on the consumption of bugs carried by all the major outlets found out?

Let’s take a look at what our friends at FOX News reported:

According to a new clinical trial from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, consuming crickets can have a positive impact on your gut health and reduce inflammation in the body.

“There is a lot of interest right now in edible insects,” Valerie Stull, a recent doctoral graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and lead author of the study said in a press release.

“It’s gaining traction in Europe and in the U.S. as a sustainable, environmentally friendly protein source compared to traditional livestock.”

We should all note that the study is completely reliable as it studied a staggering 20 people. The bad news, for the purists out there who would only likely eat whole dried crickets or say a honey roasted variety is that the participants in the study ate a “cricket powder.”

If the study is indeed accurate, Big Cricket could pose a threat to the “enriched for gut health” yogurt variety makers.

The health conscious, unlike those who drink enriched wine prefer natural over enriched.
Should you invest in the potential Big Cricket and Big Bug market? This author does not give investment advice, too many regulations.

Sorry, I can’t do it.

Can’t do it…


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