Surfing the Tops of Subway Cars in NYC

Subway Surf

The boys filmed themselves “surfing” on the top of Subway Cars in Brooklyn and Queens. This video was uploaded to YouTube on 8/8. There was a previous video uploaded on 7/14. City Officials are not happy. YouTube ripped down the videos of these guys while they were censoring all the other evil content that gets uploaded. The boys have made the NYC news and law enforcement is in the process of searching for them.

Dozens of people ride on top of train cars in places like India every day. The boys in this video obviously had it. I’d wager they’re in a lot better shape than the average Indian. I mean come on.

The Degenerate Commies, Coloreds and Jews who run NYC are continuing to harbor every border hopping interloper they can while progressively legalizing that mary-jane.

I expect this video to come down. Rip it if you want it:


Back Up:


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