The Joke that was the Liberation of South Africa, Get Ready for Mandela Day Y’all – Trump and S.A. Genocide

The transfer of power in S. Africa from the apartheid regime to a majority Black regime has been a big joke from the beginning. The movement to abolish apartheid and the politics since in S. Africa have continuously flirted with violence, encouraged violence and has caused outright violence and murder.

It is extremely odd that the whole “mind-bending” Mandela Effect thing has blown up at this time. It is a huge distraction for certain people who might have instead followed the contemporary situation in S. Africa. It is also a huge distraction for those who wouldn’t be following the contemporary situation in S. Africa.

Nelson Mandela, revered as a hero was at least a rabble-rousing Communist. Media trickery, post-Black-Power movements, and Political Correctness made Mandela into a hero. Mandela has four various places named after him in New York City alone including a school for “social justice” and a garden. He also has a bullshit international holiday named after him.

Mandela Day.png

As some may know, the attractive Lauren Southern recently released a documentary about the Whites, particularly the White Farmer or Boer in S. Africa. At this point in time, the Boer are dangerously close to having their land confiscated from them. They will be left destitute. Many Whites there already are. Many Whites are also being brutally murdered.

President Donald Trump Tweeted on the matter yesterday – twice actually – with the same message. Trump’s Tweeting stirred up the detractors. All sorts of the Liberals were talking jive over Trump’s Tweet and denying things and events you can literally catch on YouTube or another hosting site. Terrible people like those at Vox, TYT and HuffPo. Like liars in the media and politics usually do, they try to manipulate the semantics.

Trump SA Farmland.png

To wrap this up, here is the coverage Jared Taylor from American Renaissance put out entitled,

Trump Dares to Notice South Africa

It is about 8 minutes on the nose and Boer means farmer.

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