Rewarding Dum-Dums: Nike and Colin Kaepernick

Biggie Statue.jpg

Biggie Smalls, Black… and American Hero

“You’re either slinging crack rock or have got a wicked jump shot.” That is the truth we have been given by his eminence Biggie Smalls. That is a completely false dichotomy but people eat it up still.

Black people from other countries are good a Baseball. Biggie Smalls didn’t live to see Boston Red Socks’ Big Poppie. There are all sorts of Coloreds in all sorts of sports, except hockey. Biggie Smalls might have done better to speak Truth to Power by speaking Truth to Big Hockey.

Maybe Biggie Smalls Gangster Antics were part of the problem. He was “ready to die” and, he did. Mixed Race and unfortunate looking Colin Kaepernick, former 49ers quarterback is waging war. It’s an ideological one. According to CNBC, Kaepernick Tweeted:

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

It is ironic then that Kaepernick is getting paid by Nike to promote that very same message, no?


Kaepernick is a mixed race bastard child given up for adoption by his 19-year-old White mother and Black father. Kaepernick was taken in by a White Family who had a knack of taking care of Colored kids. Wikipedia doesn’t say but Kapernick’s paternal father probably got arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, a crime a one-armed White man did a sloppy job framing the brotha for. His adoptive parents could only do so much with the mullatto boy. Kaepernick certainly didn’t get looks and he’s not really that smart either to claim he’s sacrificed, or sacrificed for anything. Furthermore, Kaepernick’s “sacrifice” is for a false but popular victimhood ideology. The reality of the victimhood just isn’t true.

Just o It.jpg

Kaepernick will be allowed to stir the pot though enabled by mega-corp Nike and Culturally Marxist media. Rotten Coloreds will be emboldened and other people, mostly Whites are starting to burn shoes and stir Nike socks in frying pans. It is unclear what the latter is about.

America. America. God sends plague up-on Thee.

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