Trump vs. The Media vs. an Online Comedian?


The media is telling us the rift between Trump and the media is coming to a head. The media has been telling us Trump is dangerous and dangerous to the media. It now seems like they might be right. High-end news media magazine, The New Yorker – who is supposed to have great cartoons, great, really great ones – just recently ran an article in their media how Trump is even now more dangerous to the general media.

The New Yorker offered some evidence of assaults – alleged or alleged attempted assaults or something – on various media outlets:

federal agents arrested a sixty-eight-year-old man in Encino, California, and charged him with making threatening phone calls to the Boston Globe, which included vows to kill some of its staff. The F.B.I. said that the man, Robert D. Chain, placed about fourteen calls to the newspaper, beginning on August 10th, after the Globe announced that it was rallying other publications to join it in publishing editorials responding to Trump’s “dirty war against the free press.”

It’s a good thing the vicious lunatic was in California, amirite?

In a criminal complaint, prosecutors accused Chain of calling the Globe from a blocked phone number and saying that the paper had made “treasonous and seditious attacks” on the President. The complaint said that on August 16th, the day the editorials about Trump and the press ran in the Globe and other publications, Chain told a Globe employee that he would start shooting people at four o’clock in the afternoon, adding, “You’re the enemy of the people, and we’re going to kill every fucking one of you.”

Wait because there’s more:

On August 22nd, someone called the Los Angeles bureau of the A.P. and said, “At some point we’re just gonna start shooting you fucking assholes.” Earlier in the month, a man identifying himself as “Don” from State College, Pennsylvania, called C-SPAN and threatened to shoot CNN’s Don Lemon and Brian Stelter. MSNBC’s Katy Tur said on air that she had received a letter that said, “I hope you get raped and killed.”

And cue the authoritative Jewish expert:

In July, at a meeting with Trump, at the White House, A. G. Sulzberger, the publisher of the Times, warned Trump that his “inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence.”

The thing is that all of these outlets alleged to have received threats et. al., are all losers. Maybe if they were not malcontent, they would get higher ratings and not have to accuse Donald J. Trump of being a Jim J. Jones.

A lot of people were really into saying “you’re fired.” Some might still be. However, Donald J. Trump has not told anyone to “open fire on the media”. Our records indicate he never even told anyone to harm the media.

Our Records Also Indicate Donald J. Trump Liked to Eat His Pizza Backwards


Eating Pizza Backwards was an Immense Trend. With Trump’s Track Record, If He Tells Someone to “Open Fire on the Media,” You Better Believe There Will be a Lot of Dead Journalists. People Will Probably Kill Trump Allies like Mark Levin and Michael Savage Weiner Too. They probably should.

If people do decide to “open fire on the media,” there will be at least one man in his early to mid-thirties who may be satisfied.

The One and Only Samuel Hyde:

Mr. Hyde is a comedian and Montel Williams started the retractions about Sam being a White Supremacist. Only Cartoon Network is withholding a retraction. However, this was not the only time sweet Samuel has been accused on National and International News of being an alleged mass shooter.

A Jewish Supremacist, Joe Bernstein, see below really tried to get Sam’s Pet Goat too:

This Bernstein Menace Harassed Mr. Hyde Relentlessly, Even About Charitable Donations

Now we see the circle of life has swung back around. One might say the gun has been turned around. Again, too, we see Samuel Hyde, famed YouTube/Cartoon Network and Standup Comedian, was right again. That matters… Sam’s Life Matters and always has.

If you see footage of Trump shooting clay pigeons or some such… something might happen to journalists. It could…

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