Nike Kaepernick Fallout Report

As was mentioned earlier in the week, Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike “Just Do It” Campaign is an oxymoron at best.


He hasn’t sacrificed everything for what basically amounts to BLM and he is being compensated for what he lost in part by the money he is getting through this Nike campaign.

While it was widely reported Nike took a haircut by backing Kaepernick, they are well on their way back to where they were as of this morning:

Nike Kaepernick Financials.png

Kaepernick is what some call a low information individual. Maybe he’s spent too much time with transexuals of various varieties, pornstars, hookers etc., to have studied up on what the issues and more importantly the realities are. His actions only cause to obfuscate the true problems and exasperate the symptoms exhibited – riots, etc. Maybe that does matter since a victim mentality pervades BLM types, many of them feign it. It stands to reason that most Black Folk seem to wear at least Nike shoes. Nike shoes are mostly built on Black athletics and Black athletic stars seem to get regular Black Folks to spend a lot of their money.

It is doubtful it is just about money… Now at least, Nike seems to be backing riots and falsely claimed victimhood.

Kaepernick has spawned a new popular meme:

They are not that ubiquitous yet but these are two that run the gambit politically

Nike Sweatshop.jpg

Nike Dont Care.jpeg


It seems this story may be over until the real ads are actually released where ever they will be. Then we may get some activity unless something comes out of nowhere. Kaepernick himself is set to go to arbitration claiming teams are conspiring against him a few months on.

There are probably more videos of burnt Nike Product too from “patriots, etc.”

Don’t count this whole mess out within the near term yet though it is in certain interests to fan the flames.

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